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1961 Corvette Tachometer: The Challenges, the Opportunities, and the Legend

1961 Corvette tachometer

Have you been looking for a 1961 Corvette tachometer yet none of the examples seem like they’re in good (or even remotely decent) working order? Does it feel like every year, it’s harder and harder to find quality C1 Corvette parts? There are any number of reasons for this, not the least of which is that these vehicles are more than half a century old at this point. However, here at CS of MD West, time really does stand still. We offer any number of different kinds of C1 Corvette parts, tachometers and more, so that you have the opportunity to keep your classic Corvette running how you want. 

1961 Corvette Tachometer Services (and Others) 

Corvette tachometers, like classic Corvettes themselves, had different models and features for different eras.  One of our specialties at CS of MD West are our 1953-1962 Corvette tachometers. For just $125, we’ll disassemble the tachometer, clean it safely and completely, and then restore the case. That’s not the end of it, though, really, that’s the beginning of what we do. Once that’s complete, we’ll either rebuild or replace the internal mechanism, and then finally, calibrate it so that it’s accurate and precise. 

Extra Services for Extraordinary Tachometers 

The above paragraph covers our base cost for our base services. If necessary, we can reface the tachometers as well. Typically, this applies only to tachometers for Corvettes from the years of 1959 to 1962. Additionally, we can also provide parts, lenses, and more. You might have read to this part and thought: “hey, that sounds great, but I have a Corvette tachometer from another year other than 1961. That’s fine, as well. We also separate services available for tachometers of all other classic Corvette years (1953-1974). That said, certain services and parts are only available for certain tachometers. If you have any questions, you’re always welcome to reach out. 

1961 Corvette tachometer

“Just the Face, Ma’am”

We know that many of our C1 Corvette owners just need a certain part to make their Corvette how they want it to be. That’s why we do everything we can to stock as many high-quality Corvette parts as possible. So, as of this writing, you can also get a brand new reproduction tachometer face for a 1955-1957 Corvette. While it won’t fit the 1955 six-cylinder cars, it should fit the others. In fact, this is just one of our reproduction parts for tachometers – there are many, many others. 

Reproduction Parts: The Best of the Present to Restore the Past 

We understand that, for many of our Corvette owners, there’s no such thing as a part that’s “small.” Every Corvette part helps that Corvette to run a little better, to look a little better, to be a little bit closer to being fully restored. Those are just some of the reasons that we stock quality reproduction chrome bezels and correct odometers for our tachometers, speedometers, small gauges, and more. To see everything that we offer, check out our site and fill out our contact form or call (800) 638-6450. 

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