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1963 Corvette Steel Wheels and Beyond: Rolling on Strength

1963 Corvette steel wheels

Have you been looking for steel wheels for your 60s Corvette but it doesn’t seem like you can get what you need? Has it felt like, every year, finding 1963 Corvette steel wheels (or wheels from similar years) just gets more and more difficult? The truth is that, unfortunately, the 60s did not happen “just the other year.” So, some of the parts that our Corvettes need to be as great as they can be may not necessarily be as easy to find as they once were. That’s not the case, however, here at CS of MD West. We have the Corvette parts you need no matter what. 

1964 and 1963 Corvette Steel Wheels: Steel Champions 

If you’ve bought Corvette steel wheels for the years of 1963 and 1964 any time recently, you may have realized that you didn’t buy just, well, Corvette steel wheels for the years of 1963 and 1964. Instead, you bought a kind of “universal-type” wheel. These wheels were designed, after the fact, to work with a variety of vehicles. Here at CS of MD West, we understand that there is no vehicle like a Corvette, so nothing that goes on your Corvette should be something that isn’t exclusive to Corvettes. Our steel wheels are not universal-type at all: they’re Corvette Type. 

What Sets Our Wheels Apart 

Our wheels for the years of 1963 and 1964 are reproduced in-house. So, we’re in control, from the start to the finish. That means that we can ensure the absolute highest level of quality and craftsmanship at every step of the process. Moreover, it means that we can make them look and feel exactly like the wheels of 1963. For example, we made them with all-new tooling, but in the most exacting detail. One such feature: you’ll find the “nubs” at the valve stem hole look just as they did in 1963. These are wheels that could stand the test of time, literally and figuratively. 

Wheels to Meet Your Needs 

We understand that, when it comes to wheels, everyone has different needs. Some Corvette owners just need one wheel to make their Corvette to look and run as they would like. Others, on the other hand, need all four. We don’t believe in “gouging” anyone who needs more wheels for their Corvette. So, we offer many of our wheels individually, with a set of four, or even with a set of five so that you have a spare. That way, you’ll always be able to get the wheels for your vehicle, for your needs. 

Beyond 1963 

When Corvettes ran on steel wheels, they were unlike anything else on this Earth. That’s why we make sure to have steel wheels from many different eras, too. For example, you can always find 1965 and 66 Corvette steel wheels as well. If you need help with anything that rides on the wheels, you can find our catalog of parts at our site. For more: (800) 638-6450. 

For 1963 Corvette steel wheels as well as other years and anything else related to classic Corvettes: (800) 638-6450.

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