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1966 Corvette Steel Wheels and More: to Rule the Road

 corvette steel wheels

Steel wheels. When you read those words, what comes to mind? If you’re like many Corvette owners, you instantly think of those powerful, dynamic wheels; a blur that gleams in the sun. If your steel wheels have begun to dull a bit, or perhaps the years have caught up to them a bit, we have you covered. Here, you can find top quality 1966 Corvette steel wheels as well as many others. 


Why We Started Reproducing Steel Wheels 


One of the best parts of this job is talking to fellow Corvette owners. When you folks say something, we listen. That’s just one of the reasons that we offer top quality reproduction Corvette steel wheels. When these Corvettes first hit the road, they might not have been immediately seen as automobile works of art. Instead, they were cars that people used daily. That took a toll on these wheels. So did the (rather primitive) machines that were used to change tires back then, too. All of that combined to make it more difficult as well as far, far too expensive to find the right kinds of steel wheels for your Corvettes. Rather than see Corvette owners go without, overpay for wheels, or overpay for wheels that were decidedly not worth it, we realized we had to do something. 

 corvette steel wheels

Our Reproduction 1966 Corvette Steel Wheels 


So, we got right to work making wheels for 1965 and 66 Corvettes that could also be used on 63 and 64 Corvettes as well. Demand was even better than we anticipated, so we realized we had to make even higher quality products. Thus, we invested in tooling that could be used to reproduce the originals even better than we had been. Today, our reproduction wheels are in Corvettes all over the world. They’re easy to put on, and they fit straight and true. You can use them for the Corvette in your driveway, but they’re of high enough quality for judging on the dais as well. 


The Right Wheels for Your Needs 


To make sure that your wheels all fit together, we offer sets of five reproduction steel wheels for 1965 and 1966 Corvettes. That means you’ll have four as well as a spare. Everything on these looks and feels exactly like the originals. That means you’ll have the “nubs” at the valve steam hole and everything else. Of course, if you don’t need five, that’s OK, too. We sell them a la carte, too. 


Beyond the Wheels 


The importance of quality wheels on your Corvette can’t be overstated. That said, there’s more to your Corvette than just the wheels. So, to be of better service to our customers, we offer just about all of the parts you would need. Restoration parts, reproduction parts, NOS parts, and more – you can find it all right here. Indeed, we can even restore all kinds of Corvette parts to bring them back to their glory days. To talk to an expert, call (800) 638-6450

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