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1966 Corvette Steel Wheels: Reproduced to the Highest Standard

 corvette steel wheels

When it comes to reproduction parts for your Corvette, you can never be too careful. You just can’t. There are so many “reproduction” parts out there that look like they were randomly assembled at best. They might fit on many different kinds of vehicles as well as Corvettes. Of course, you didn’t buy and maintain one of “many different kinds of vehicles,” you bought a Corvette. That means you want Corvette parts that are right for Corvettes. Those are just a few of the reasons that we are always so careful about the kinds of reproduction parts that we introduce to the industry. We’re proud to say our 1966 Corvette steel wheels (among others) meet the highest standards: our own. 

The Truth About Classic Corvette Steel Wheels 

Today, we think of classic Corvettes as just that: classics. Titans of the American roadway, one of the most iconic vehicles ever, the personification of “muscle car” and so forth – that’s Corvette. However, particularly in the early years, Corvettes were, for many people, daily drivers. It’s how they got to and from work every day, went around town, and so forth. So, these vehicles had more wear and tear on them than you might think. That’s certainly true of the tires. 

 corvette steel wheels

An Earlier Era of Tire 

Now we have radial tires. They’re built for high mileage so you don’t have to get them changed for long periods of time. The tires back in the old days, however, were the opposite of that. Belted, bias-ply tires had to be changed with a frequency that would be at best unwelcome in our modern era. Additionally, remember that the equipment used to change tires was far more primitive and frankly, brutal than we used today. You never knew who was going to be changing your tires either, how experienced they were, how adept they were at the job, and so forth. We don’t say this to “run these vehicles down” or anything, but just to show you how much these tires have been through, and how it might be time for high-quality reproduction parts. 

1966 Corvette Steel Wheels 

With our reproduction steel wheels, we reproduced them using all-new tooling. Whenever possible, we made them as close to the originals as could be. That means that they have the “nubs” of the valve stem hole where applicable. These are not in any way “universal-type” wheels. They don’t involve shared components from other wheels. They’re exactly what they’re supposed to be: Corvette steel wheels. 

Always Listening to the Corvette Community 

We know that when you’re looking for steel wheels for your Corvette, some Corvette owners want a set of four and some just want individual wheels. We can accommodate you either way. In large part, these wheels came about due to feedback we got from other Corvette owners, about what they were interested in and looking for. We’re always glad to hear your feedback and talk to other Corvette enthusiasts. You can find us at (800) 638-6450

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