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Accuracy and Advancement: Corvette Tachometer Repair and Restoration

corvette tachometer repair

When we think of a “car that needs restored,” most people tend to think of the external. They might imagine a body with cracked fiberglass and dings, cracked windows, faded paint job, and so forth. That’s the layperson’s initial image. For Corvette owners, Corvette enthusiasts who take great pride in their vehicle, their image might be more specific. They could look at a Corvette that might look perfect to the layperson, and see all of the parts that could be improved, fixed, or otherwise restored. Those are the kinds of Corvette owners that we offer our parts for, because those are the kinds of Corvette owners that we are. Our Corvette tachometer repair and restoration is built around making your Corvette exactly how you want it to be. 

Corvette Tachometer Repair and Restoration

If you have a Corvette tachometer that was made from the years of 1953 through 1974, we can fix it. No matter what kind of tachometer you may have from this time, we can either fix it, rebuild it, restore it, or offer you a great tachometer for your Corvette. That means that not only can we make these tachometers run as they should, but it also means that we can ensure these tachometers look, feel, and operate exactly as they should, too. 

corvette tachometer repair

Tachometer Accuracy 

A tachometer is not a prop. It’s not painted on. It’s an instrument, it has a job to do. If it’s not working as it should, or if it’s improperly calibrated, then it can’t do its job. That can hurt your vehicle’s performance, as well as your operation of it. Of course, this is exactly the kind of thing that judges, appraisers, buyers and more are looking for. So, we make sure to calibrate them properly. In many cases, this involves charging and discharging the “first worm” (or magnet) as required. Then, we have specific tools that allow us to properly adjust the magnetism, and spring tension of the speed cup. In fact, we use a specific machine to do this. This machine doesn’t do anything else, it serves no other purpose, it only allows us to calibrate the tachometer or speedometer.  That’s the level of attention and detail that a Corvette deserves. 

The Look of a Tachometer 

If a tachometer doesn’t look right, then it can throw off the entire look of your Corvette. Sure, if you have a guest in your Corvette, and you’re flying down the road, they might not exactly be staring at the tachometer to make sure that it looks just like the originals did. But, you’ll know. Judges and others will know. That’s why we get it right. Tachometers from the years of 1959-1974 had their graphics printed on a metal face. We can re-screen the artwork onto the original face. So, this comprehensive screening process ends with a perfect, exact, and literally flawless duplicate of the original graphics. Whether you’re looking for a tachometer or some other Corvette part, you can find out more at our site or by calling (760) 568-6450. 

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