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All Things C2 Corvette Parts

All Things C2 Corvette Parts

Technically, it’s called the “C2 Corvette,” but most of us know it best as the Sting Ray. From 1963 to 1967, some of the most iconic Corvettes (and really, vehicles) were produced. The second generation of Corvettes, many consider them the best. It’s not easy to find great C2 Corvette parts today, which makes sense, considering they stopped being produced 52 years ago. However, you can find all kinds of great parts for the Sting Ray models at our site. In this blog, we’ll highlight some Sting Ray parts that can restore your Corvette to its proper, essentially regal glory.

C2 Corvette Parts: Fuel Injection Nozzle Blocks

While many of the products we offer are restoration parts, we also have plenty of NOS parts, too. Never sold at retail, these parts are as new as something decades old can be. As of this writing, we have a set of four Corvette fuel injection nozzle blocks. When you see “NOS,” it means that they’re entirely brand new. These weren’t sitting in someone’s Corvette for decades, getting worn down. No, they’ve never been taken out of their original boxes. That means that, for all intents and purposes, these are entirely new parts. When you have a special car, it requires special parts. That’s the kind of thing that our business was designed for.

Big Enough for the Tiniest Details

Most folks are content to have a Corvette. And why shouldn’t they be? These are some of the most iconic vehicles that ever took the road in America or anywhere else. Even the lowest quality Corvette is still a Corvette. However, for many others, they want their Corvette to be everything that it can be. They’re perfectionists. In part, that could be due to how they know what a Corvette can be when it’s at its absolute apex. The latter people are who we offer parts for. That’s why we have parts like our 1953-1967 Corvette Total Odometer. It works in many C1 Corvette models in addition to the Sting Ray. What makes this part so unique is that it has the correct, historically accurate font. If that’s the kind of thing that matters to you, we’re going to get along fine.

Parts that Last

Even the most avid Corvette enthusiast who tinkers with their Corvette literally every single day doesn’t want to have to buy parts all of the time. That’s why we offer many Corvette parts that will last. That way, you don’t have to keep finding and replacing parts. This is true of the big parts as well as the smallest ones. For example, we offer a Corvette Speedometer 2nd worm gear Steel GM. Used in 1953-1977 speedometers as well as 1953-1958 tachometers; it has a range well beyond the C2 era.

If you know your history, then you know that GM serviced these parts for many years in plastic. Plastic may be light and easy to produce, but it sure doesn’t last. These parts then, are made out of steel. Steel is quite a bit stronger than plastic. So, these parts will last much longer in your vehicle. As you drive your Corvette, these parts get quite a bit of wear and tear in daily use. That’s because the magnet (or “first worm gear”) drives this one. Come to us when you’re looking for something that lasts.

When Only the Best Will Do

If we’re going to sell NOS products, we check them out rigorously. When we offer our reproduction parts, we know we’re selling the best – because we made them. They went through all of our testing. When we get NOS parts, we put them through all of our tests and checks to make sure they meet our high standard of quality. Only then do we offer them our site. As of this writing, we got a NOS 1963-1964 fuel injection air cleaner adapter. This is in perfect condition. You’ll notice we didn’t say that it was in “excellent” condition, or “very good” condition. The only way to describe this part is to call it “perfect.”

It’s important to note that these are just a few of the products that we have for your Corvette as of this writing. There are always new parts coming in. In fact, some of the parts we’ve discussed literally came in yesterday. So, it can happen that fast. We always encourage Corvette owners to check our site often, because we frequently update it. That way, you can always find the best products for the best prices (and before other Corvette lovers do). Of course, we have many more parts than the ones you can find on our pages. If there’s some kind of Corvette part in particular that you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (760) 568-6450.

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