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An Exhaustive Catalog of Classic Corvette Side Exhaust Parts

corvette side exhaust

Have you been looking for classic Corvette side exhaust parts but found nothing you would install on your Corvette? Has your search for side exhaust pipes, mouldings, and more, left you feeling, well, exhausted? Some of these parts have been difficult to find for many years. Here at CS of MD West, we offer reproduction parts among others. That way, you can always find the parts that you need for your Corvette. 

Corvette Side Exhaust Covers with Everything You’ll Need 

At CS of MD West, we aim to offer the highest quality Corvette parts to as many Corvette owners as possible. Often, that means making specific parts for specific vehicles. Case in point: currently, we offer Side Exhaust Covers with the Upper Mouldings as well as the Hardware for 1965-1967 Corvettes. That said, you can easily install these on 1963 and 1964 Corvettes, too. 

When you see these upper mouldings, you’ll note that they look just like the original mouldings. How much so? To that point where most Corvette enthusiasts are unable to tell them apart. 

What Sets These Pipe Covers Apart 

We know what classic Corvettes mean to us here at CS of MD West. For so many of us, our memories of these classic Corvettes, in their prime, are strong. However, when we set about to create these pipe covers, we didn’t want to just rely on our memories. So, we obtained a set of the original blueprints. 

With those original blueprints, we were able to construct all new tooling for the covers. As you might imagine, this was not a project that we rushed through, something that we completed in a day, a month, or even a year. No. This was a three year project. Then and only then were these covers of high enough quality to offer to our customers. 

The Choice is Clear 

While it may be clear why our side pipe covers are better than what you’ll be able to find online, what isn’t so clear are the differences between our covers and the originals. For example, ours have strong definition throughout them. That means that, due to the new tooling, they have the crisp lines and wrinkle-free bends that you expect. 

Beyond that, the fiberglass heat shields are securely bonded. Speaking of those fiberglass heat shields, they’re the right shade of dark gray. Moreover, the fibers are visible. These are all more details that make these side pipe covers what they should be. 

On that same token, we’ve made sure that the paint detail, the masking, and everything else is exactly as it should be. 

No Small Details, No Small Parts 

We know that there’s more to your Corvette than just the side exhaust covers. For example, we also created new side exhaust cover U-Nuts, too. These are the kinds of parts that Corvette enthusiasts as well as judges look for. They have the “M” logo on each nut – just as they should. 

To see our Corvette Parts and Accessories, head to our site or give us a call. 


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