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An Improvement on Used Corvette Parts for Sale: Reproduction Dash Inserts

Used Corvette Parts For Sale

Has time begun to take its toll on your C1 Corvette? When you go looking for C1 Corvette parts, does it feel like it’s becoming more and more difficult to find parts that you think are good enough? This can be as frustrating as it is understandable. These Corvettes were made, for the most part, more than sixty years ago. As such, even the best-maintained of those original parts can wear down. Here at CS of MD West, we offer reproduction dash inserts that are a significant improvement, in many ways, over the used Corvette parts for sale you may find elsewhere. 

Better Than Used Corvette Parts for Sale 

The problem with used C1 Corvette parts is, for the most part, that they’re used. They’ve been in these Corvettes for decades upon decades. As ground-breaking as these vehicles were, they were originally designed to be “drivers,” the kind of car that a person takes day in and day out. So, even the best-used parts very well may be a bit too “used” to provide much benefit to your Corvette. 

An Improvement on Restoration 

Even restoring original parts can give your Corvette less than reproduction parts might. Trying to restore an old part is, well, an attempt. There’s certainly no guarantee. The style of C1 Corvettes may last forever, the parts will not. Even if the original parts are restored, they’re far more likely to break down (and break down more quickly) than reproduction parts. 

Quality Reproduction Parts Every Step of the Way 

It’s important to note that the “reproduction parts” we offer aren’t some haphazardly thrown-together inferior product. Far from it. Indeed, these parts were designed from the original blueprints. So, they look, feel, and function just as the originals did. On top of that, they’re made out of modern materials, so they truly are built to last. 

Getting the Details Right 

At no point during the construction of these restoration dash inserts was there ever a feeling of: “that detail is too small to get right.” Case in point, the 1959 Corvette Dash Insert we currently offer at our site. As you may remember, this particular dash insert stood out among the rest due to how it only had black lettering. The 1958 Corvette Dash Insert, on the other hand, only had white lettering. 

It wasn’t until 1960 that red and blue bars were added. These are just some of the details that we get meticulously right. 

More Than Dash Inserts 

These dash inserts are some of our most popular reproduction parts. However, they’re far from the only reproduction parts that we offer. Between clocks, gauges, and so many others, we have a wide range of parts for your classic Corvette. Specifically, we offer the kinds of Corvette parts and accessories that it could be a challenge (to put it mildly) to find elsewhere. 

To see all that we offer, check out the catalog at our site or call.

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