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An Improvement Upon Used Corvette Parts for Sale

Used Corvette Parts for Sale

Have you looked for used Corvette parts for sale and everything seems like it was used way too much? When it comes to used Classic Corvette parts, do they all seem like they’re on the brink of falling apart (at best?) The truth is that many used classic Corvette parts really have been, well, used… and used and used again, for multiple decades. Today, they might not have much left to offer. That’s why we offer a variety of reproduction and NOS parts here at CS of MD West. 

Specific Corvette Parts 

As you probably know, we restore all kinds of classic Corvette parts here at CS of MD West. If you need something restored, odds are we can restore it and have restored many like it in the past. While we’re perhaps best known for our tachometer and speedometer restorations, we’ve done plenty of headlight motor restorations, too. Speaking of the latter, we use a 1963-1967 reproduction headlight motor main drive gear in every single one of those reproductions. Now, we offer that part individually, so that you can always have exactly what you need for your Corvette. 

Parts Restored Enough for Judging 

Here at CS of MD West, we want to offer Corvette parts for every kind of Corvette owner. To that end, we offer plenty of parts for the enthusiast, the person who wants to take their classic Corvette out on the open road, or even just wants to keep restoring it in their garage. That said, we also offer parts for the competitor, who wants their Corvette to be judged against all comers. To that end, we offer parts like a 1964 Corvette Restored Clock we currently have in our possession. The standard mechanical movement, part of the restoration, means that it is utterly correct and ready for judging. 

NOS Flags – for the Most Demanding Corvette Owners 

We don’t believe that, when it comes to your Corvette, you should settle for anything less than the very best. So, we offer parts for discerning Corvette owners, those that have to have everything exactly right. A great example of this: the NOS 1963-1965 Corvette Fuel Injection Plenum Flags. If you’ve seen the reproductions that have come in later years, then you’ll note that those are die-cast. The originals, which these NOS parts absolutely are, were stampings. 

Beyond Used Corvette Parts for Sale 

Used parts have a place with many Corvettes. However, as time goes on, top-quality used parts for classic Corvettes can be harder and harder to find. We don’t believe that Corvette owners should ever have to settle for a part just because it’s used. Those are just some of the reasons that we offer reproductions, NOS parts, and more. To see everything that we have to offer, head to our site. To talk to one of our experts about how we can help, just give us a call at (800) 638-6450.

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