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Before & After

Corvette Speedometers

Restoring Corvette Speedometers from 1953-1977

Corvette Specialties of MD West is the premier restorer of Corvette Speedometers. Whether damaged by rain, snow, or fire, we can bring your parts back to life! We can repair, and restore your components to like-new condition. Take a look at some of our before and after photos to see what type of finish you can expect.

1957 Corvette Speedometer Before Restorationvintage Corvette parts for sale1957 Corvette Speedometer Rear After

Shown here are Before and After views of a 1957 Corvette Speedometer with some unfortunate circumstances


1960 Corvette Speedometer before restoration1960 Restored Speedometer1960 Restored Speedometer Rear

1960 Corvette Speedometer Before and After restoration

1964 Corvette Speedometer rear

1964 Corvette Speedometer that has had some rough years.

1964 Corvette Restored Speedometer

1964 Corvette Tachometer Before And After Redline Touchup

1964 Corvette Tachometer


Corvette Specialties of MD West restores Corvette Speedometers for the C1, C2, and C3  models. 

1957 Corvette Tachometer Needing Restoration

1957 Tachometer Before Restoration

1957 Corvette Restored Tachometer After

1957 Corvette Restored Tachometer After Rear

Corvette Tachometers

Corvette Specialties of MD West restores Corvette Tachometers for the C1, C2, and C3  models. 


Battery/Oil Gauge

Fuel/Temp Gauge


1957 Corvette Gauges Before Restoration

1957 Corvette Fuel Temp Gauges Before Restoration

1963 and later Clocks


1965-1967 Clock Before Restoration Rear

1965-1967 Clock Before RestorationRestored 1967 Corvette Clock

1965-1967 Flood Damaged Clock Before Restoration1965-1967 clock out of case1965-1967 Corvette Clock After restoration

This 1965-1967 clock had sustained flood damage. We re-screened the face and brought it back to show condition.


Corvette clock restoration


1963 Clock before restoration63 Clock before restoration-1

1963 Corvette clock

1963 Corvette Clock After Restoration

1963 clock above was an obvious mess. Left outside to the elements for who knows how long! Check out the finished product. The face shown on left was re-screened. Outer bezel was also replaced.   It really is the same clock!

1967 Corvette clock restoration




69-72 Restored Corvette Wiper Switch Plate

1963 Dash Cluster Arrived Damaged


1963 Corvette Damaged Instrument Cluster1963 Corvette Restored Low RPM Gauge Cluster


1969 Tachometer and  Speedometer


1969-1971 Restored Corvette Speedometer Front1969-1971 Restored Corvette Speedometer Rear1969-1971 Restored Corvette TachometerRestored 1969-1974 Corvette Tachometer Rear

1958 Small Gauge Set Ready For Final Assembly

1958 Corvette Restored Small Gauges Before Assembly edited

1960 Speedometer and Tachometer in Process

1960 Corvette Speedometer and Tachometer1960 Corvette Speedometer

1963 Corvette Dash Cluster needs help.

Corvette gauge restoration


Rear view of restored 1964 dash cluster

Corvette Dash Restoration


Corvette Windshield Wiper Motor

1958-1961 Corvette wiper motor before restoration

C1 Corvette wiper motor repair


1963-1967 Corvette Headlight Motors

C2 C2 Corvette headlight motors

Corvette headlight motors

1963 Corvette Blower Motor

Corvette Restoration C2 Corvette Restoration 1963 Corvette Blower Motor 1963 Corvette Restoration

Pictured below are before and after views of a set of 1957 Corvette gauges.

Corvette gauge restoration

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