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Choose from the Corvette Tachometers

Best Corvette Tachometers

We aren’t in this business because we kind of like Corvettes. We don’t offer all these parts and make our own because we think Corvettes are OK, kind of. Corvettes and Corvette parts are our passion. This is the thing we truly love, these amazing vehicles. So, we want to share that with fellow Corvette lovers, so that they can enjoy their cars more, too. To that end, we try to offer as many different Corvette parts as possible. In many cases, we offer parts that were made decades ago. We also make our own parts by hand, using all new parts but the old blueprints. That’s exactly why we have the best Corvette tachometers and so many Corvette parts.

Corvette Tachometers on the Road

Each and every one of the tachometers we build we do it by hand. That means that a real human being, with all the knowledge of Corvettes in the world as well as the best materials, hand crafted each of these great parts. However, even the most gorgeous of these parts wouldn’t be worth it if they were inaccurate. That’s why we make sure that each of these has the most accurate calibration. Only once that’s taken care of are they ready for installation in your vintage Corvette.

1961-1962 Corvette Electronic Tachometer

Side Exhaust Parts and More

We offer so many different types of corvette tachometers, too. As you may know, from 1953-1962, there are 18 versions of these parts offered. If you’re wondering why the number is 18, we excluded the 57 RPO steering column mounted tachometer as that seemed inappropriate to lump with the rest. So, no matter which of those versions you’re looking for, we have them. Other places may have one of those parts, or a couple of them, but they don’t have our selection. They certainly won’t offer these parts made by hand using the best modern technology and materials.

Corvette Parts for Corvette Lovers

When we say “the best modern technology,” we don’t just mean metal and the like. If you recall, the 1959-1962 dials and faces were very distinct. To make sure that you are receiving the best corvette tachometers, we use state of the art digital imaging. That allows us to replicate those dials or faces perfectly. So, when someone sees these dials or faces in your car, they won’t have any idea that these parts weren’t constructed in 1959-1962. In fact, that’s one of the highest compliments we get at our facility: our pats look exactly like the originals.

New Parts for New Horizons

Beyond the 18 original equipment mechanical versions, we have 12 different electronic versions if you want to get rid of mechanical tachometers. This is great for owners who want to retain the original appearance but prefer the electronic build. For some of our customers, they aren’t sure which kind of these parts they want. That’s perfectly understandable! Our Corvette enthusiasts love to talk to folks who love their Corvettes, too. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at (800) 638-6450. Or alternately, you could reach out to us through our site.

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