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Better Corvette, Better Experience: Corvette Tachometer Repair

Corvette Tachometer Repair

Has your Corvette’s tachometer stopped working properly? Does the tachometer feel or look worn out, or just ceased operation? Most people don’t realize just how important a tachometer is, particularly for a vehicle with a manual transmission. However, most people also aren’t classic Corvette owners. If you’re anything like us, when there’s something even slightly off about your Corvette, you want to repair, restore it, or replace it pronto. Those are just some of the reasons that we offer the best in Corvette tachometer repair over several generations of Corvettes. 

1953-1962 Corvette Tachometer Repair 

To make sure that your tachometers are accurate, they have to be calibrated properly. For the best in calibration, we use a machine that was designed for that purpose and that purpose alone. When it comes to these 1953-1962 Corvette tachometers, we can reface them, make sure that the rev. counter is correct, and even replace the parts and lenses, too. For Corvettes from the years of 1953-1958, the lens backplate may have to be refinished. To make sure that your tachometers look and operate as you would like, we can refinish the lens backplate and even install the reproduction chrome bezels that look and operate exactly as the originals did. 

Repairing Tachometers from the Years of 1963-1967

With this tachometer repair package, we’ll disassemble your tachometer, clean it, then rebuild  or replace parts. From there, we’ll also make sure that the internal parts are what they should be, repaint the pointers as required, and then calibrate it for accuracy. For an additional fee, we’ll touch up the redline, reface it, and more. Should you have a Corvette tachometer from the years of 1965-1967, we offer electronic versions as well. 

The Right Tachometer for Your Corvette from 1968 through 1982

We handle the 1968-1974 tachometers just as we would those from prior years: disassembly, cleaning, calibration, etc. For additional fees, we can restore the redline as well as the inner and outer bezels. If you’d like an electronic version, you can get that for tachometers from the years of 1968-1971 as well as 1972-1974. When it comes to tachometers for Corvettes from the years of 1975-1982, however, we recommend replacement as opposed to repair. Sure, the boards can be replaced, but that won’t solve movement or air core issues. So, we offer all versions possible of tachometers from 1975-1982 as a complete unit. 

Beyond Just a Properly Functioning Tachometer 

A tachometer is an important part of your Corvette. However, it’s far from the only important part of your Corvette. You can find all of the other parts that you might need to restore your Corvette to its former glory (or to continue its glorious reign). Whether it’s parts of your side exhaust pipes, speedometer, steel wheels, or anything else, at our site you can find NOS, reproduction, and restoration parts. We update our site often, so be sure to check back frequently. To talk to one of our experts, just call us at (800) 638-6450. 


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