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Better than New: Exact Corvette Tachometer and Spinner Parts

Exact Corvette Tachometer

If many of us had a time machine, we’d go back and get more Corvette parts. Sure, it might not be the most productive way to use the time machine, but we love Corvettes enough that it feels like it would be right. Those parts that faithfully served the Corvette so long may be starting to break down (if they haven’t already). That’s where our reproduction, restoration and NOS parts come in. Here at CS of MD West, we have the exact Corvette tachometers and hubcaps with spinners that can make your Corvette what it was.

1958 8000 RPM Corvette Tachometer Assembly

When we say that we manufacture the entire tachometer assembly, we mean that we manufacture the entire tachometer assembly. These are exactly like the tachometers of the past. They aren’t “kind of” like them; they aren’t “sort of” like them. These tachometers are exactly the same as the tachometers you remember. Used in 270 HP engines with 2 X 4 barrel carburetors, these tachometers look and (more importantly) work just like the original ones did. We assemble all of them in our southern California shop, so we can give them that personal touch ensuring that they work just as the originals did.

Exact Corvette Tachometer

Every Tachometer Part

If there’s a part that went to the original tachometers for Corvettes, we offer it. For example, we have exact reproduction 1953-1958 tachometer face backplates. These are exactly like the original inner face backplates. You can see the rev counter through the opening. Some reproduction parts are made out of new materials, like some kind of space age plastic or something. That’s not how we make these tachometers. We make these out of steel. That way, you can go to another sixty plus years before you need another one.

Corvette Hubcap Spinner Set

We make Corvette parts for Corvette people. “Corvette people” means a lot of things. It means people that want their Corvette to meet a higher standard. It could be the person who works on their Corvette weekly or daily, it could be the person who sees their Corvette as part of their legacy, or it could just be folks who really really love Corvettes. One group it definitely includes people who plan on entering their Corvettes into competitions.

That’s where our 1956-1962 Corvette hubcaps spinner set comes in. This set has everything that your Corvette needs: four spinners, four stainless retaining rings and sixteen screws to hold everything together. Judges look specifically for features like the raised edge in the center of the flipper, making sure that it’s visible on all sides. In our parts, you can rest assured that this is in there.

All Kinds of Corvette Parts

Here at CS of MD West, we may have everything that you need for your Corvette. You can go through our site and see our vast catalog of available parts. If you can’t find what you’re looking for there, give us a call at (800) 638-6450 and we’ll see how we can help.

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