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Better Than Used C2 Corvette Parts: NOS Parts and More

used c corvette parts

The newest C2 Corvette parts are, optimistically, 53 years old. Many are older than that, but that’s as “young” as they can. That means that used C2 Corvette parts haven’t just been used, but they’re quite old, too. We tend to tell folks to shy away from some used parts, because they probably don’t have a whole lot left to offer your Corvette. Unlike your C2 Corvette, used parts mostly have their best days behind them. At our site, you can find the kinds of NOS, restoration parts and more to make your C2 Corvette everything that it should be. 

used c corvette parts

Restoration Parts 

We take the idea of “restoration parts” very seriously. Parts that are “restored” shouldn’t look aged or weakened in the slightest. Instead, they should look and feel exactly as they did decades ago, with no compromises. A good example of this is our 1963 Corvette Restored Clock. As you may remember, the early design had a longer hour hand than the mid-to-late production clocks did. This is the kind of part that you could put into your C2 Corvette today and have it ready for judging tomorrow. Of course, you don’t just have to go with our restored clock: should you have your original clock, we can restore that, too. 

NOS: an Improvement on Used C2 Corvette Parts 

Used parts are exactly that: parts that have been used before. Perhaps they’re still viable, but they inevitably have some wear and tear upon them. Those are just a few of the reasons that we offer NOS parts. These parts are new old stock: that means they were made for the vehicle originally, but they haven’t been used yet. So, you’ll get  the best out of these parts. Yes, these parts have existed for a while, but they haven’t had to work inside a Corvette. 

The NOS Difference 

We’re fond of saying that NOS parts are for those that will not “settle for anything less than the real thing.” A perfect example of this is our NOS 1963-1967 L/H Inner Tail Light 910557.  How new is this old stock part? Well, it’s in the wrapper. That means that it hasn’t had to deal with the elements, to say nothing of having the wear and tear that comes from being in a Corvette. 

Always Getting in New Parts 

As of this writing, we have a pair of 1963-1967 NOS Convertible Top Front Latches available. That wasn’t a typo or a mistake, we literally have one single pair of these top front latches available as of this writing. Depending on when you read this blog, it might be gone. However, it’s also entirely possible that we’ve gotten all new ones in. At CS of MD West, we’re always bringing in newer parts. What you see on our site one day could be different from what you’ll find the next. That’s why we recommend you go through our catalog and if you can’t find the exact part that you need, call us at (800) 638-6450. We’ll do everything we can to make sure your Corvette is how you want it. 

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