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Better Than Used C3 Corvette Parts, As Well As C2 and C1 Ones

used C3 Corvette parts

Have you been looking online at used C3 Corvette parts only to find that they look a little too, well, used? Does it seem like when you look at used parts for C2 and C1 Corvettes, they just look too worn down to actually fit what you want your Corvette to be? This is perfectly understandable. Obviously, you want to be as careful as possible when installing parts onto your Corvette. Continually going through the cycle of: finding used parts online, installing them, seeing them wear out quickly, then having to go back online is no one’s idea of time well spent. At CS of MD West, you can find restoration, NOS, and other kinds of Corvette parts.

used C3 Corvette parts

Reproduction Parts that Reproduce Results 

We understand that some folks may feel a bit reticent about putting reproduction parts in their Corvette. After all, these parts weren’t made in the 60s. As Corvette owners, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to make reproduction parts that we would be proud to have in our own Corvettes. Hence, parts like the 1964 Corvette Oil Gauge (80 Pounds) that’s currently available at our site. A direct replacement part, it was manufactured under license by an actual major AC Delco supplier. Better than used parts, you’ll find that the movement is extremely accurate. The font and coloring are so accurate, it looks like it just arrived from 1964. 

Beyond Used C3 Corvette Parts: NOS 

In a very real way, we stock parts that kind of did arrive straight from the past: NOS parts. “New Old Stock” parts are, as we say on our site, “when only the best will do.” These parts were made then but never used until now. They can be a real improvement overused parts for the simple reason that they were, well, never used. So, they don’t have those decades of wear and tear that even some of the best kept and maintained used parts can. An example of this that’s currently available at our site: our NOS 1968-1975 Coupe Rear Vent Drain Hoses. As you may know (all too well), these hoses can deteriorate over time, starting to leak and worse. These hoses haven’t begun to deteriorate in 53 years, so they’re perfect for your car. 

Parts that Go Fast (Literally) 

Many of the parts that we stock are designed to make your Corvette go faster. Many of the parts that we sell at our store literally “go fast,” in terms of how quickly people buy them. That’s why we so often encourage folks on these blogs: “hey, if there’s a part you have your eye on, buy it now, or else someone else will.” A great example of this is our NOS 1965-1975 Corvette Rear Brake Pads with J56 HD Brakes. We only have one set remaining (as of this writing) and we do not even have the box. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. But! We’re always bringing in new parts (or NOS parts, new reproductions, and more) for your Corvettes. For more: (800) 638-6450. 


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