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Better Than Used Corvette Parts for Sale: All that We Offer

used corvette parts for sale

Are you tired of having to pick from the kind of used Corvette parts for sale you find online? As classic Corvettes become more, well, classic, does it seem like the used parts on sale get worse and worse? So many of the absolute best Corvettes were originally intended to be driven daily. Over the course of half a century (or longer), that can take a toll on even the highest caliber parts. Here at CS of MD West, we offer many parts that are a top-quality alternative to used parts. 

Restored Parts Ready to Be Installed 

Whenever we offer restored Corvette parts, our goal is to be able to help as many classic Corvette owners as possible. Case in point: our restored pairs of 1958-1962 Corvette Original Wiper Transmissions Pair. These can work for many years of Corvette models, from 1958 all the way through 1962. 

Before we would ever offer them, we made sure that they work properly, exactly as they should. Beyond that, if you’d like, we can even purchase your old rebuildable cores, too. We see it as one more way we can help more Corvette enthusiasts. 

Reproduction Parts Just Like the Originals 

We understand that, rightfully, classic Corvette owners may sometimes be reticent about getting reproduction parts. After all, these are parts that were made after their Corvette was released. So, you have to be careful, making sure that they fit your Corvette. As classic Corvette owners ourselves, we only offer reproduction parts that we would put into our own Corvettes. 

An example of this: our 1965 Corvette Hubcaps/Wheel Covers. We designed this to be just like the originals. Not similar to the originals, kind of like them, or anything of that nature – just like them. In fact, they’re so much like the originals they should not receive any point deductions from NCRS judging. 

NOS Parts to Fit a Particular Niche 

Another alternative to used Corvette parts are NOS parts. When we offer NOS parts, we make sure that they’re actually “New Old Stock.” We do make sure they work properly, but they are truly, as much as something decades old can be, “brand new.” 

As of this writing, we offer a NOS 1963 Corvette 340 HP Oil Tube. While we endeavor to offer Corvette parts for many different owners, we’re proud to be able to offer specific parts. These are for the 1963 Corvette with the 340 HP engine exclusively, as they are only for this application. Like many NOS parts, they come in the original box. 

Many Alternatives to Used Corvettes for Sale 

The above are just some of the alternatives to used Corvette parts that we offer. We have found that, for some Corvette owners, the used parts that should be restored are the ones that are in their current Corvettes. Indeed, we can restore many different kinds of Corvette parts. To see what we offer and how we can help, click on our site or give us a call. 

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