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Beyond the Right RPMs: Tachometer Repair, Rebuild, and Restoration

Tachometer Repair

Does your Corvette tachometer no longer measure RPMs as accurately as it used to? Does it no longer measure RPMs (or even move) at all? Many of our Corvette clients reach out to us for the kinds of parts that can help their Corvettes to thrive in competitions, to win over judges. That said, many more come to us because they want their Corvette to run and operate as it did. That means the exterior should look and feel great, of course, but the interior should, too. Those are just some of the reasons that we offer the best tachometer repair, rebuilding, and restoration anywhere. 

About our Tachometer Repair 

If you have a Corvette from between the years of 1953-1974, then we can make your tachometer run how you want it to. Those mechanical tachometers are driven by a cable, which comes from either the generator or the distributor. We can calibrate these tachometers so that they’re as accurate as the day they rolled off the line. Indeed, we can charge and discharge the first worm (or magnet) as necessary, and then adjust the spring tension of the speed cup for final, accurate calibration. If you have a tachometer with graphics on a metal face (tachometers from 1959-1974) great news: we can re-screen the artwork onto the original face. This results in an exact duplicate of the original graphics. 

Some of the Corvette Tachometer Repairs and Add-Ons 

For Corvettes from 1953-1967, the base cost of our tachometer work will include disassembling your tachometer, cleaning it utterly, then either the rebuilding or replacing of internal parts, repainting the pointers (if required) and then calibration. However, depending on the tachometer, we may be able to help with parts such as quality reproduction chrome bezels, correct odometers, speedometers, and more. When you reach out to us, we can talk to you one on one about how to best serve your Corvette and your tachometer. 

More Than Just Repair: Assembly Parts 

In addition to our repair, rebuilding, and restoration, we also offer reproduction tachometers, too. For example, as of this writing, we offer a 1977 Corvette electronic tachometer assembly – 5300 redline. While this is technically a “1977 tachometer,” it will also work for 1975 and 1976 Corvettes as well. This is a direct fit replacement that’s been manufactured by a licensed, trusted AC Delco supplier. So, you can trust it to be an exact reproduction of the original, only this one features improved circuitry. 

Beyond Tachometers 

The repair, rebuilding, and/or restoration of tachometers is one of our most popular services. However, we also offer these same services for speedometers, too. Additionally, we can also restore your Corvette dash cluster, your shift console, your Corvette wiper motor, your glove box door, and so much more. That said, it’s not like the only way we can help your Corvette is to repair or restore the parts that are already in it. Indeed, we offer plenty of parts at our site. To see what we offer or talk to an expert, call (800) 638-6450. 

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