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Beyond Used Corvette Parts for Sale: Exact Reproductions for Exacting Owners

Corvette Parts for Sale

Do the “used Corvette parts for sale” you find online seem far, far too “used up” to be a viable option for your Corvette? Are you tired of settling for “used” parts because they’re the only option you can find? As Classic Corvette owners ourselves, we don’t believe that any Corvette owner should have to settle for anything less than the best for their Corvette. We have a wide range of exact reproduction parts. 

Hubcap/Wheel Cover Spinners for 1964 

You told us you wanted more of these and we listened. As of this writing, after a lengthy backorder, there are plenty of 1964 Corvette Hubcap/Wheel Cover Spinners available. These are exact reproductions, not “similar reproductions” or “very close reproductions,.” No. These are exact reproductions. Licensed GM restoration parts, we focused specifically on making the chrome plating as excellent as we could. Replating the originals when they become pitted is very cost-prohibitive. So, not only are these reproduction parts a great fit for your car, but they’re also a great value as well. 

The Right Year, the Right Product 

In addition to those, we also offer 1966 Corvette Hubcap/Wheel Cover Spinners as well. Not only is the plastic “cross flags” emblem included in each spinner, but we also installed them properly with a riveted steel retainer. Whenever possible, we created these parts not based on what we remembered from the original part, what we saw on our Corvettes or anything of that nature. Instead, we used the original blueprints. That way, we’re able to make parts that perfectly fit the classic Corvette, just out of modern materials and methods. 

Steel Wheels to Roll On 

To get the most out of your hubcap/wheel cover spinners, of course, you need the right wheels for your Corvette. That’s just one of the reasons that we offer 1963-1964 new reproduction steel wheels. We reproduced these using all-new tooling with exacting detail so that they’re right for Corvettes – and not a universal-type wheel that shares components from other wheels. These are for Corvettes and Corvettes alone. So much so, in fact, that we included the nubs at the valve stem hole. In our commitment to offering Corvette owners what they want, we sell these in a set of 4, a set of 5, or individually as well. 

A Better Alternative to Used Corvette Parts for Sale

Our reproduction parts are some of our most popular options, combining the best of modern tech with yesterday’s know-how, to make the best solution for a classic Corvette. That said, we understand how great the original parts were, which is just one of the reasons that we offer top-quality NOS parts. These parts are what they sound like never used (but meticulously tested) “new old stock” parts that have been around since the very beginning. To see everything that we have to offer in our catalog, check out our site or give us a call. 

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