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Bite into the Right Corvette Grille Teeth

Corvette Grille Teeth

Corvette grille teeth make a statement. They’re visually arresting. It’s one of the more instantly iconic looks for a vehicle really ever. You could take one look at those teeth and know basically everything you would need to know about the car as well as the person driving it. Today, those teeth may seem like a part of the past, but they still have a role in the present and even the future. While they may have stopped in the early 60s (replaced by the mesh screen in the radiator opening) we offer plenty of grille teeth parts. In this blog, we’ll touch on what some of those are and why you should buy them from us.

Our Corvette Grille Teeth Parts

The classic look from the 50s can come alive again with our parts. When you buy something from us, you’ll have everything you need to make it look brand new again. For example, we offer a 1958-1960 grille assembly with the teeth. You don’t just get the teeth when you purchase this set. Sure, you will get a complete set of 9 grille teeth, but you’ll also get tooth to grille mounting studs, as well as all of the washers and nuts you need to put them together the right way. On top of that, you’ll also get two mounting brackets. That way, the entire assembly can be mounted to the front bumpers.

New Reproduction Parts

The parts mentioned in the paragraph above (as well as several of the other parts we offer) are completely brand new reproduction parts. No, they weren’t’ around since the 50s, but they work as if they were. In fact, they’ll probably work better. It will be as if someone mailed you these from more than fifty years in the past, but they didn’t age a day. When it comes to reproduction parts, we make sure that it’s done right.

Sure, these parts are “reproduced,” but they’re made to the exact specifications of the vehicles. You don’t have to worry about how these are going to fit or how they’ll look – they’ll look like something brand new. The other great feature of these parts is that they allow you to save quite a bit of money. You could just try to improve the parts that are already in the vehicle, but those parts are going to be (at best) quite old. In a majority of cases, they’re going to be old and pitted (at best). That means that you will, in all likelihood, have to spend quite a bit of money to get them replaced. At $389 for this set, that’s quite a bargain. You can enjoy your classic Corvette as well as the extra money in your wallet.

Breeze Through Judging

It’s one thing to work on your Corvette day after day; it’s something else entirely to present it to judges. When that’s what you’re aiming for, then only the best will do. At that point, it becomes about more than just the vehicle – it becomes about competition. You have to assume that the competition will do whatever they can to take their Corvette to the next level, so it may become necessary to respond in kind. We can help there, too. Most of our reproduction parts are beloved by judges. Indeed, we’ve had many success stories with Corvette owners who used our reproduction parts to take their Corvettes where they wanted to go, on the road and in a competition.

Right Grille Parts for Your Needs

We know that for folks looking for grille parts (or really, any of our parts) you want to get the exact right parts for what you’re looking for. That’s why we offer many different kinds of grille parts. For example, you can get complete sets. You can get sets of nine and thirteen. You can also get individual grille tooth studs, too. These are the parts that attach the grille teeth to the grille bar (which we also sell). These parts each come with a nut and a lock washer. Note: while we do sell these individually, you want to be careful as a single grille tooth requires two studs.

We like to highlight individual parts in these blogs, but the truth is that we all have all kinds of Corvette parts available for all kinds of Corvettes. While these grille teeth parts will be right for Corvettes from the 50s and 60s, you’ll find that we have plenty of Corvette parts for Corvettes from 1953-1972 and even other years. If you have any questions about Corvettes or anything to do with Corvette parts, don’t hesitate to give us a call. After all, we wouldn’t go into this particular industry if we were reticent about getting into conversations about Corvettes. Give us a call at (800) 638-6450.

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