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Bury the Needle with a Corvette Gauge Restoration

Corvette Gauge Restoration

Corvette gauge restoration can be just the thing to make your Corvette better than ever. It’s one of the things that separates someone who’s “kinda” into Corvettes from someone who absolutely loves their ride. The layperson, or someone walking by, will notice a fully restored or painted exterior. They might see a new paint job, or if the owner put in new seats. Restoring the gauges though, is what brings a Corvette all the way back. Quality reproduction parts can actually make the Corvette even better.

Corvette Gauge Restoration: The Extra Mile

Most Corvette speedometers of the middle to late sixties often experience a variety of failures. While many of these might be due to age, but often it occurs between 40,000 to 60,000 miles on the speedometer. The magnets and gears go through a lot of wear and tear, which makes them wear out. This causes the odometers to fail. Speedometer, and Corvette Dash Cluster restoration is one more process that restores your Corvette to the height of its glory.

Improvement through Reproduction

Many of the reproduction parts involved in a Corvette’s restoration improve the entire vehicle in seemingly slight but significant ways. For example, Corvette Specialties of MD West offers replacement 1953-1962 Corvette Tachometer Assemblies. Assembled with exact reproduction parts, they look like the originals. Their 1953-1962 and 1965-1974 Electronic conversion tachometers can be used even if there is no tach drive generator, distributor,  and cable. By comparison, the originals were mechanical.

a Corvette Gauge Restoration

Completely New

Many Corvette owners, when looking at parts for their Corvette gauge restoration work or the like, just assume that every part they see is an original that’s been “cleaned up.” This is a natural, perfectly human assumption to make. However, Corvette Specialties of MD West offers a lot more than that. Many of their parts aren’t a “cleaned up” or polished part at all. Rather, they’re completely new units they have made  themselves. To the naked eye, they look (and work) exactly the same.

Gauges to Choose From

Anyone who’s ever sat behind the wheel of a Corvette knows the feelings of power and freedom that come from it. They also know just how many gauges there are. Muscle car Corvettes have so many different gauges. Corvette Specialties of MD West understands this, and has the gauges to match. A quick look at their site shows over sixty different gauges to choose from. They can restore your Corvette to its timeless past on the inside and out.

Reproduce Over Rechrome

It’s easy to fall in love with a Corvette. There’s something eternal about the image of America’s car burning asphalt down the road. However, many of the parts wear down over the decades. Some people choose to “rechrome” those parts. Not a great idea to rechrome die cast parts. Getting their reproduction parts for your Corvette gauge restoration can be a much better idea. You’re getting a brand new part that will last and last.

Restoration Leaders

Corvette Specialties of MD West has many different parts to cover the restoration of your Corvette. Restoring a Corvette is celebrating the past as well as the future. Contact Corvette Specialties of MD West at (800) 638-6450 or check out their site for the best Corvette gauge restoration.

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