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C1 Corvette Parts for That Special Car When Only the Best Will Do

C1 Corvette Parts

Everyone wants their Corvette to run well and look great. But, often folks want that for very different reasons. Perhaps you want your Corvette to rule the road when you ride through town. Or, alternatively, maybe you want to rule the dais, winning the judges’ favor with a Corvette that stands out from the rest. Still other Corvette owners may want both, the best of both worlds. You stand as the ultimate judge of your Corvette. At CS of MD West, we offer the kinds of C1 Corvette parts for those whom only the best is near good enough. 

C1 Corvette Parts

C1 Corvette Parts

The Parts That Can’t Be Found Elsewhere 


If you’re like many Corvette owners, the answer to the question “when did you last see 1962 Corvette side cove mouldings” is usually “1962,” “1963,” or something similar. The truth is that these parts were discontinued not long after they were originally produced. As of this writing, we have one pair remaining of these original parts. These are the originals, in the old-style GM wrapper. They are, quite literally, as “brand new” as anything can be that was made in 1962. By the time you read this blog, they may be gone. But, it’s entirely possible they won’t be, and moreover, there are always more, incredible parts like this coming through our store. 

“For That Special Car When Only the Best Will Do” 


If you go through our site at all, you’ll find that we use that phrase often. While we may say it in one connection to one part or another, the truth is that it could fit every part that we offer, whether it’s for a C2, C3, or C1 Corvette. One part it certainly applies to: a NOS 1958-1962 Heater Switch. We found one of these recently: in the original box, a heater switch that had never, not once, been installed. Now, again, as we have one of these, it may be gone by the time you click on this. But! We do stock high quality reproduction heater switches. If you need a part or a part fixed on your Corvette, odds are we can take care of it for you. 


Professionally Restored Parts, Too 


For us, the phrase “professionally installed” has to mean something. It means that a part or parts is completely polished or made to look its very best. Moreover, these parts have to function to their highest level, too. Beyond that, wherever possible, they need to be of show quality.


C1 Corvette Parts that are Always “Nice” 


There are many words that you could use to describe the sorts of Corvette parts that we offer. One word that often shows up: “nice.” That’s certainly a great description of the 1956-1960 Corvette Seat Track set of four that we offer right now. To be clear, that’s a “set of four for both seats.” They never had any major rust or rot or anything like that. As it says in the description, “even the chrome handles are nice.” For plenty of other parts that are “nice” and more, call (800) 638-6450.  


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