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C1 Corvette Restoration: Put the Muscle Back in “Muscle Car”

C1 Corvette Restoration

A C1 Corvette restoration brings your Corvette back to its original glory. Corvette has been a symbol of American muscle cars since the moment they rolled off the line. There’s nothing quite like the sound a ‘vette makes when it peels down the road. A restoration can do a lot more for your Corvette than just make it look like it did when you bought it. It can increase your car’s value. Additionally, it can let you enjoy your Corvette even more.

Premier Corvette Restoration

When people send their Corvette Gauges and Components off to be restored, they don’t really know where the Corvettes are going. Maybe they’re headed to some far off place, the work to be done by someone they won’t meet – the process can be opaque. However, that won’t happen with Corvette Specialties of MD West though. They do all restoration services right in their shop. The same people you see and talk to are the ones doing the restoration. That way, you know that the restoration has that special human touch.

Corvette Work from Corvette Aficionados

To some workers who do a Corvette restoration, a Corvette is just a car. At Corvette Specialties of MD West, they know your Corvette is a lot more than that. Maybe your Corvette is that memory of when you drove to spring break with all your friends. Maybe your Corvette is the time that you won that race in the parking lot behind the movie theater. Perhaps your Corvette is the time you took your kid out on a back road for the first time and topped 80. Corvette means as much to them as it does to you.

C1 Corvette Restoration

Corvette Parts

Restoring a Corvette is somewhat meaningless if it’s done without the best Corvette parts. The only parts used in any restoration done by Corvette Specialties of MD West are the absolute best parts. There are reproduction parts and other parts. Some of the reproduction Corvette parts improve and tweak the functions of the originals; but they always look authentic and fit perfectly within the Corvette. Treat your Corvette well, and it will treat you even better.

More Corvette Parts

Corvette Specialties of MD West has the right parts for your  Corvette . The number of components that they restore is truly massive. They have experience restoring glove box doors, consoles, complete clusters as well as tachometers, clocks, gauges, speedometers, wiper motors and more. Essentially the only thing they can’t restore is the calendar, to back when you originally bought the car. Although, after working on it for some time, the car will look like it did back then.

The Restoration Leader

That’s not a nickname the pros at Corvette Specialties of MD West gave to themselves. That’s a reputation they’ve built over years of the best Corvette restoration work. Your Corvette is a part of your life and your past. Restored well, it can be a part of your future, too. Contact Corvette Specialties of MD West at (800) 638-6450 or go to their site for the best Corvette restoration.  

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