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C1 Corvette Restoration, NOS Parts, and More: the Past Through Tomorrow

c corvette restoration

Everything that Corvette is, everything that makes a Corvette a Corvette came from C1 Corvettes. They set the standard. Really, they invented the standard. They showed that there was an entirely new kind of vehicle possible: a never before seen combination of power and style. Of course, like any other timeless works of art, the years have taken their toll. These vehicles stand the test of time, yes, but they aren’t immune from time’s ravages. At CS of MD West, we can provide you with the kind of C1 Corvette restoration parts and more to make your C1 look and run as you would like. 

C1 Corvette Restoration Parts to Match your C1 Corvette 

To be clear, we offer restoration parts for C1 Corvettes, but we also understand that not all C1 Corvettes are the same. That’s why we make sure to offer parts that are exactly right for certain C1 Corvettes. For example, as of this writing, we have 1956-1960 Restored R/H Deck Lid Seat Back Stainless Moulding available. Entirely professionally restored, these parts are polished and ready to install. As with so many other parts we offer, they are the very epitome of show quality. However, these parts are only right for C1 Corvettes from 1956 to 1960. They won’t be right for other kinds of even C1 Corvettes. The mouldings on 1961-1962 Corvettes, for example, are slightly longer. If you have any questions about which parts are right for your Corvette, we’re more than glad to answer them. 

c corvette restoration

Specific C1 Corvette Parts by Year and More 

The specificity of the parts we offer is not determined just by twelve-month cycles. For example, as of now, we have a restored windshield wiper motor for 1956 C1 Corvettes available. That said, it’s going to be right for all 1956 Corvettes except for some very early ones from that year. We don’t say this to show you how hard it is to get the right parts for your Corvette, but rather to show you just how exacting our eye is. The last thing we would ever want is for someone to get a part that isn’t absolutely, completely, 100% right for their Corvette. So, we’re always more than glad to work with you to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need. 

Rare C1 NOS Parts Available Too 

C1 Corvette parts are, for a variety of reasons, some of the more difficult parts to find. After all, these vehicles are well more than half a century old by this point. So, while we offer many great restoration parts, we also have used and NOS parts that might fit your needs as well. As of this writing, we have NOS 1962 Corvette Side Cover Mouldings available. That’s not a misprint, typo, or any kind of mistake – we actually have them in stock. You could go entire decades (if not longer) without finding something as rare as this. It’s just one more part that we offer. To see everything that we have or to talk to a pro, head to our site or call us at (800) 638-6450.

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