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C1 Corvette Restoration Parts and More for Your Classic

C1 Corvette Restoration

Do you have a C1 Corvette and can’t find the right caliber of parts for it? Does it seem like it’s getting harder and harder to get good parts for your C1 Corvette? Unfortunately, that very well may be the case. After all, these Corvettes have been around for more than six decades at this point. As so many of those parts have begun to break down (or already have) we take great pride in offering top-quality C1 Corvette restoration parts. With these, your C1 can run right. 

C1 Corvette Restoration Parts: Speedometers

If you’re like so many others, your C1 speedometer may be suffering from any number of problems. As of this writing, we offer a 1953-1957 Corvette Restored Speedometer with a Replacement Pointer. This part is absolutely perfect for a 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956, and 1957 Corvette. Even if this speedometer isn’t right for your Corvette, we still may be able to help. Indeed, we have rebuilt, repaired, and restored thousands of classic Corvette speedometers, from C1 Corvettes as well as C2 and C3 ones. 

Restomod Parts 

As our name implies, we aim to offer as many high-quality “Corvette specialties” as possible. That means targeting our parts, products, and services to classic Corvette owners, of course, but now, it also means targeting Restomods as well. Case in point: the 1955-1957 Corvette Electronic Tachometer 8000 RPM Redline we offer at our site. As you may remember, Chevrolet only used the 8000 RPM tachometer as part of the 1958 Solid Lifter cars, but, through the creation of every individual part, you can have it in your 1955-1957 as well. Beyond Restomods, these are also a great fit for cars that don’t have a distributor or tach drive generator, too. 

No Part is Too Small 

For many Corvette owners, they don’t need some massive part or even a gauge for their Corvette, they need a smaller part, something that may not even be visible when they look at the car. Those are the kinds of Corvette owners we cater towards. Case in point: the 1957-1962 Corvette Wiper Motor Cable Mount Plate we offer. This plate locates the control switch cable that hooks to the plastic actuator, for 1957 through 1962 Corvettes. Another example: the 1957-1974 Distributor Rotor with extended tip. While these can be used on Corvettes from 1957-1974 or other GM V-8 engines, you can’t use them on 1957-1961 dual point distributors. 

Parts for Your Classic Corvette 

The above are just some of the parts that we offer for classic Corvettes. While we’re quite proud to offer a vast catalog of C1 Corvette parts, we also have plenty of parts for C2 and C3 Corvette Parts as well. If you can’t find the part that you need for your Corvette at our site, just let us know. As we’re always bringing new parts in, it’s entirely possible we’ll soon have what you need. To see everything that we offer, head to our site or call us at (800) 638-6450. 


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