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C2 Corvette Parts and Accessories From Another Time for All Time

Corvette Parts and Accessories

Do you want the best C2 Corvette parts and accessories for your Corvette but it just doesn’t seem like there’s anything great out there? Does it feel like all of the C2 parts you find nowadays are just worn down and ineffective? These Corvettes first roared onto the roads (literally) many decades ago. Indeed, we’re celebrating our 45th anniversary here at CS of MD West and C2 Corvettes predate us. That said, we recently received many great C2 parts and accessories. 

Top Quality Reproduction Steel Wheels 

Steel, strong as it is, can wear down over time. Indeed, the steel wheels on 1963-1964 Corvettes, sturdy as they were, may have been on the road for almost sixty years at this point. That’s just one of the reasons that we now offer 1963-1964 Corvette steel wheels. These were reproduced using all new tooling with exacting, perfect detail. So, these were made for Corvettes, not some “universal-type wheel” with components from other wheels or anything of that nature. You can see we got all of the details right including the “nubs” at the valve stem hole. You can buy them in packs of five or a la carte. 

NOS = Truly New Old Stock 

We’re quite proud of the reproduction parts that we offer. That said, we also have plenty of genuine “NOS” parts, ones that were created way back when but have never been used. Thus, they still have plenty to give. A great, recent example of this is our 1963-1964 Corvette NOS Ignition switch. It’s perfect for your 1964 Corvette and makes a more than adequate replacement for your 1963 Corvette. If you’ve tried those replacement parts that have popped up on the market in the intervening years, you may have noticed that they are utterly generic. This NOS part has the “650” number on the switch body. Accept no substitutes. 

Specific Parts for Corvette Owners Who Demand the Best 

Our goal is to be the place that Corvette owners come to for the Corvette parts that they can’t find anywhere else. If someone thinks: “oh, that’s too specialized a part, I won’t find it anywhere,” we want them to come to us. Case in point: currently we offer a 1966-1967 Corvette NOS 427 Big Block Positive Battery Cable. This is only correct for non-air-conditioned cars with the battery on the passenger side. That may not be the right part for every Corvette owner, but it will be the perfect part for a Corvette owner. 

Corvette Parts and Accessories for Your Corvette 

The above are just some of the examples of Corvette parts that we’ve recently either reproduced or found in our inventory. We’re always creating and bringing in new parts, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for at our site, you very well may in the days to come. That said, if you’re looking for something specific or want some help, we’d be happy to oblige. You can find our site here or call us at (800) 638-6450.

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