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C2 Corvette Parts that You Must See to Believe!

C2 Corvette Parts

As you probably know, if you’re reading this, we have Corvette parts from all different eras. That means that we have the C1, C2 and C3 parts that you might not be able to find elsewhere. In our blogs, we like to highlight some of our new parts as they come in, so that our readers are aware of what they can find at our site. If none of these C2 Corvette parts are exactly what you’re looking for, that’s OK – we’re always getting new parts in, so check back. We might have the exact thing that you’ve been searching for.

C2 Corvette Parts

Original C2 Corvette Parts

In addition to having plenty of Corvette parts, we have many different kinds of specific Corvette parts as well. For example, while we have an extensive collection of Corvette restoration and reproduction parts, we have quite a few original parts as well. Our 1963 Corvette original radio side panels can be made to fit your vehicle. They’re easily painted to match your interior, so you can put them in and they’ll look like they always were inside your Corvette. We know that many of our customers come to us for quality Corvette parts. We take that responsibility very seriously. These specific parts, in fact, have never been broken or even repaired. They’re basically just as great as they were in 1963. With these parts, you can take care of your Corvette the right way.

“Straight from GM”

When you want the right products, you go to the source. Sure, you could get plenty of knockoffs out there, and maybe no one will notice. But, as a real Corvette person, you’ll notice – so that’s why you only seek out the best, most authentic parts. Many of our NOS parts are “straight from GM,” which means they come right from General Motors. Not some mechanic over the last several decades, not from someone in a factory somewhere—GM. As of this writing, we have a 1965 Big Block Lower Pulley available. If it’s gone by the time you read this, we always get in new parts soon.

Parts for Restomods, Too

The restomods craze has shown no signs of subsiding. We have plenty of parts that fit just as well with a restomod as they do with your original, timeless Corvette. A great example of this is our voltmeter gauges. We have 1960-1962, 1965-67 and 1968-1971 reproduction voltmeter gauges and others which can serve as a direct replacement for the amp gauge or battery that’s already in the vehicle. Should you be experiencing any trouble with the battery amp gauge, these make for a fine substitute.

Exact Reproduction Parts

Of course, should you switch out that amp gauge for our voltmeter; no one will be able to tell. Not only did we make these reproduction parts work exactly like the old ones, but we also gave them the same font and coloring, too. For more Corvette parts from all eras, call (800) 638-6450.

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