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C2 Corvette Restoration Parts (and Others) that Make a Big Difference

C2 corvette restoration

The Corvette is as close as we get to the perfect vehicle. From the style to the feel to the parts and everything else, any Corvette from any era is a genuine work of art. That said, there might be a point where you could find yourself wondering: “how can I make my Corvette that much better?” Well, we have plenty of C2 Corvette restoration parts as well as other kinds of C2 parts that could make your Corvette that much better. If nothing but the best will do, we’ve got you covered. 

C2 corvette restoration

NOS Corvette Corvette Parts 

We have plenty of new old stock parts that will elevate your entire Corvette’s presentation. In addition to the big parts, we have plenty of smaller, more detailed parts that can take your Corvette to the next level. A great example of this is our NOS 1963 Corvette turn signal switch. This part is so new old stock that it actually comes in the original GM box, part number 3824116. As this part is, for all intents and purposes new, it’s like this part traveled through time just to be installed in your Corvette today. That’s the kind of high quality that we provide our customers with. 

C2 Corvette Restoration Parts: Glove Boxes 

The glove box may not seem like a big deal. It could seem like just another portion of your Corvette that you don’t pay much attention to, particularly if you’re driving the car. (After all, while you’re behind the wheel, odds are that your attention is not riveted by the glove box.) But, the true Corvette enthusiast is going to know. They’re going to want the glove box to look exactly as it should. That’s the kind of Corvette owner and enthusiast that we offer these parts for, because that’s the kind of Corvette owners and enthusiasts we ourselves are. 

What a Glove Box Restoration Covers 

The word “restoration” can mean many things. When it comes to our C2 glove boxes, it means that we make them look how they should. As you probably know, the 1964-1965 and the 1966-1967 have different emblems. We can give you the right emblem, the one your Corvette should have, the one that matches the rear deck emblem’s design. Of course, we don’t stop at the emblem. We also make sure to take care of the dents, scratches, scuffs, wear, and everything else. It’s our belief that when we restore something, it should look like it’s been completely restored. 

Restoration Parts for All Kinds of Corvettes

We’re proud of the parts that we offer for C2 Corvettes, whether they’re restoration or otherwise. However, that’s far from the extent of the restoration parts that we offer. We have plenty of other Corvette parts as well. If you go through our site, you can find the exact kind of part that your Corvette needs. If you can’t, just let us know. Call (800) 638-6450 and we’ll see what we can do! 

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