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C2 Corvette Restoration Parts to Restore Your Corvette Beyond Where It Was

C2 Corvette Restoration

Are you looking for a higher caliber of C2 parts for your Corvette? Do you feel like, each year, it becomes that much more difficult to find C2 Corvette parts you would actually install in your Corvette? That’s understandable. Unfortunately, the years of 1963-1967 get further and further away every year. WE know how important your C2 Corvette is to you. That’s why we offer the very best in C2 Corvette restoration parts. We would never offer something to our customers until it met the highest standard: good enough to be installed in our own Corvettes. 

C2 Corvette Restoration Parts to Light the Way 

When it comes to restoration parts, we tend to do the restoring right here on our premises. That way, we can control everything: the materials, the tooling, and so much more. To that end, we currently offer 1963-1967 restored Corvette headlight motors. You’ll note that’s the entire span of the C2 Corvette, and there’s a reason for that – we have many dates available. As we’re always looking for more ways to help more Corvette owners, we’ll do everything we can to honor your request. We can tell you unequivocally that what we offer is so much better than the old reproduction motors. 

We Can’t Turn Back Time, But We Can Do the Next Best Thing… 

We can’t make it 1963 again, but we can offer you a 1963 Corvette restored clock. Specifically, we offer a restored early 1963 Corvette clock. As you may remember, the early design had an hour hand that was longer than what you would find in the mid to late production models. We didn’t just restore them, we restored them with the standard, mechanical movement. These look and work great whether you’re taking your Corvette out on the road, in the garage, or putting on the dais to be judged, either. We believe in them so much we offer a one year warranty. 

The Level of Detail You’ll Find in Our Restoration Parts 

As of this writing, we offer 1964 restored Corvette wiper motors. As you may have noticed over the years, some so-called “restorers” use rivets or bolts that are incorrect. Ours have round-head aluminum rivets in the end cap, just like the originals did. All throughout, you’ll find the correct fasteners. Speaking of what’s “correct,” you’ll notice that this wiper motor has the same one piece semi-transparent “Rochester” type valve, just as the original did. 

C1 and C3 Corvette Restoration Parts, Too 

While this blog has gone into detail about some of the restoration parts we offer for C2 Corvettes, it’s important to keep in mind that we have all of the parts that you’ll need for your C1 and C3 Corvette as well. We always recommend that Corvette enthusiasts check our site often as we’re always getting new Corvette parts and accessories in. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, we may be able to help. Just give us a call at (800) 638-6450. 

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