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C2 Corvette Restoration Parts to Turn Back the Clock (Literally)

Corvette restoration parts

Classic Corvettes can do a lot of things, but they can’t get younger on their own. These Corvettes are some of the most incredible vehicles ever designed and driven on American roads but, in some cases, even these titans have begun to show their age. That’s where our collection of new, used, and restoration parts come in. With these parts, you can restore your Corvette to an earlier vintage, to make it look like it did back then while, in many cases, actually helping it operate better. Below we’ll touch on some C2 Corvette restoration parts and others can make your Corvette look and run how you want. 

C2 Corvette Restoration Parts that Were Discontinued 

Quite a bit can happen over the course of a few decades. Many of the parts that classic Corvettes needed to rule the road were discontinued at some point or another. One such part was the 1963 Corvette parking brake switch, which was discontinued in April of 1973. So, if you had a 1963 Corvette, you might be out of luck. You could try to get by with some inferior, aftermarket part if you could find one at all. At our site, we offer a restored version of this part. As you may know, if you’ve ever tried to find this part, it can be quite difficult to locate. We always aim to give our customers more. So, when you buy it, you’ll get the clamp as well. 

corvette restoration parts

The Clock Reborn 

As of this writing, we have a beautiful example of an early 1963 Corvette clock available. How can you tell if it’s the early design? As many of you probably know, the early design had a longer hour hand than the mid to late production. So, we went about restoring this with the standard, mechanical movement. This looks and operates great in your Corvette no matter what you want to use your Corvette for. If you want to take your Corvette to be judged, to be in a competition, that’s the level to which this clock is restored. However, don’t think that your Corvette has to be in competition for you to enjoy this great clock. Indeed, this clock looks just as good sitting in your garage or out on the road as it does on the dais. 

Have a Different Clock? We can Restore That 

Yes, we all have smartphones and watches, so many different ways to tell the time when we’re in our Corvette. But a clock in a Corvette is about so much more than knowing what time it is. Having your clock look as it should in your Corvette is one more way to connect your Corvette to its glorious past. So, if you have a clock in your Corvette that could use some sprucing up (or a complete restoration) we can do that. If you reach out to us, we can talk to you about how we can make your Corvette all that it was and more. You can reach us at (760) 568-0400 for C2 Corvette Restoration Parts.

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