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C3 Corvette Parts to See Your Corvette Free of Mediocrity

C3 Corvette Parts

Have you been looking for great C3 Corvette parts but everything looks like it was made in 1868 and not 1968? Does it seem like quality parts for your C3 Corvette are getting harder and harder to find every year? At CS of MD West, we understand. We know how challenging it can be to find the best parts for your classic Corvette, restomod, or anything else. Those are just some of the reasons that we offer the very best in reproduction parts, restoration parts, NOS parts, and whatever else it takes to make your Corvette its very best. 

Reproduction Corvette Electronic Tachometer Assembly – Better Than Ever 

When it comes to our reproduction parts, we try to make them as true to the originals as possible. That means we want them to look and feel exactly like the original parts so that to look at them, there are no differences whatsoever. That said, wherever possible, we want them to operate better than the originals did. To that end, our new reproduction 5600 RPM Redline Electronic Tachometer Assembly for 1975, 1976, and 1977 Corvettes is an exact reproduction, yes, but it also has improved circuitry, too. That way, it’s like the original only better. 

NOS Coupe Rear Vent Drain Hoses 

Have the rear vent drain hoses on your C3 Corvette coupe started to deteriorate and leak? If that’s the case, we can help. We’re currently offering a pair of NOS rear vent drain hoses for 1968-1975 Corvette Coupes that didn’t have air conditioning. With these specially molded hoses, water will be carried from the rear deck grilles to the wheel well as they should. 

Voltmeter Gauge 

If there’s a gauge on your classic Corvette, we offer a reproduction, restoration, or NOS part for it. Case in point: our new reproduction 1968-1971 Voltmeter Gauge. This is a direct replacement for the existing battery or amp gauge you have in there. If your battery amp has been giving you trouble, this is a great replacement, with the font and coloring that perfectly matches the originals. 

Turn Signal Switch for All 1967-68 Steering Columns

Have you found that your signal switches commonly fail? Does it seem like they won’t stay in the detention position when you want them to? We offer a 1967-1968 Corvette turn signal switch that can fix that. These reproductions of the original fit all 1967-1968 steering columns including the telescopic ones and they install exactly as the originals did. 

C1, C2, and C3 Corvette Parts 

Those mentioned above are just some of the C3 parts that we offer at our site. There are many, many others. While we love our C3 Corvettes (indeed, many of us own our own) those are far from the only kinds of classic Corvettes that we offer parts for at CS of MD West. Indeed, you can find parts for C1 as well as C2 Corvettes here, too. To see all that we offer, head to our site or call (800) 638-8691.


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