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C3 Corvette Parts To See Your Corvette in a New Light

C3 Corvette parts

Does it feel like it’s getting prohibitively more difficult to find great C3 Corvette parts? Has it seemed as if, only in the last few years, the kinds of parts you would put in your Corvette have more or less disappeared? It’s not just you. As classic Corvettes become more and more “classic,” the good quality parts may be more challenging to find. That said, we offer reproduction and NOS parts that can make your Corvette everything you want it to be. 

NOS 1968-1975 Coupe Rear Vent Drain Hoses 

Speaking of new old stock parts, we recently came into some rear vent drain hoses for Corvette Coupes from 1968-1975 that don’t have air conditioning. As you may remember from the originals, over time, these hoses tend to deteriorate and then, eventually, leak. That won’t happen with these for a long time to come, as they’ve never really been used. They can carry water to the rear deck grilles to the wheel well very well. As ever, our NOS parts are for when only the best will do. 

Parts on Sale You Can’t Find Elsewhere 

We pride ourselves on offering Corvette owners as much as possible. Part of that is offering deals and discounts where we can. One recent one, as of this writing, is our discount on 1957-1968 Corvette Distributor Caps – Delco-Remy. New reproduction caps, can be used on more than just Corvettes, as they’ll fit just about any V8 Chevy engine from around that era. A licensed GM restoration part, this was specifically reproduced to be exactly like the originals in every way, in each exact detail. In fact, if you look carefully, you’ll see that “Delco Remy Patent Pending” is on the cap, but has no “R.” That’s the level of detail we’re talking about here. 

The Best in Tachometers 

As you may know, tachometers on C3 Corvettes were a bit different from those of previous models. To that end, as of this writing, we offer a new 5300 RPM Redline Tachometer Assembly. This is an exact reproduction of the original tachometer except that we improved the circuitry. That way, this tachometer will be perfect for your Corvette for a very long time to come. This isn’t just a replacement, it’s a direct fit replacement. Manufactured by a licensed AC Delco supplier, this is the tachometer for your 1975-1977 Corvette. 

C1, C2, and C3 Corvette Parts Today, Tomorrow, and Forever 

The above represent just some of the new and rare C3 parts that we offer at our site. That said, C3 parts are just one kind of Corvette that we offer parts for. In fact, you can find plenty of parts for C1 and C2 Corvettes as well. At CS of MD West, we aim to be the one-stop shop for those Corvette owners who refuse to settle. To see our corvette parts and accessories, simply go through our catalog at our site or call us at (800) 638-6450.

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