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Corvette Clock Repair: Turning Back Time

Corvette clock repair

It may be hard for some younger people to imagine, but classic Corvettes did not have digital clocks. Like everything else in a classic Corvette, maybe your clock has worn down, doesn’t run as well as it used to, or maybe it just flat out stopped working. With our Corvette clock repair and restoration, we’re able to return many clocks to their glory days, in some cases making them run as well (if not better) than they ever did before. 

Corvette clock repair

Classic Corvettes Used Even More “Classic” Clock Technology 

The original mechanical clock movements that were used in our beloved classic Corvettes were even more “classic” than the Corvettes themselves. In fact, the tech that they utilized was actually originally created in the 1930s. So, to say that these clocks were not built to last would be a bit of an understatement. So, to that end, we can restore many different kinds of Corvette clocks with the original mechanical mechanism. That’s exactly what it sounds like: we can make many different kinds of classic Corvette clocks to run again as they did. 

The Power of Quartz

We know that many of our readers build their Corvettes to be judged. They take them to NCRS, they take them to a Bloomington type event, or something similar. We respect that greatly, as that can be an unbelievably rewarding experience. That said, we also know that many of our readers don’t take their Corvette to be judged, they take their Corvette out on the road. For those readers, we offer a “quartz conversion” for your clocks. The truth is that this quartz conversion relies on more modern technology and engineering. So, it’s much more reliable than the original mechanical mechanism ever could be. To be clear, we’re not asking you to make an irrevocable decision about the future of your Corvette. Should you want to go from the quartz conversion to the original mechanical movement, we can perform that for you as well. 

In Addition to Repair, Reproduction Clocks 

As you probably know if you have a Corvette that was made between 1958 and 1962, it isn’t always easy to find the parts that you want. That’s just one of the reasons that we offer new reproduction clocks for Corvettes made between 1958 and 1962. These have quartz movements so that you can rest assured that these clocks will operate exactly how you want for a long time to come. 

More than Corvette Clock Repair 

It’s important to note that we don’t just repair clocks from the late fifties and early sixties. In fact, you can get clocks repaired on Corvettes from 1968 to 1982 here. Our prices include complete disassembly, cleaning the face, repainting the painters, as well as the rebuilding and replacing of the mechanical movement. Whether you choose to have the quartz conversion or not, you literally can’t go wrong with having your clock returned to its glory. To see all that we have at our site or talk to an expert, call us at (760) 568-0400

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