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Corvette Dash Cluster: Art, Science, and Speed

Corvette dash cluster

When someone sits in the passenger seat of your classic Corvette and looks at the dash, are you concerned about how your gauges look? Or, alternatively, when you sit in your classic Corvette and look at the dash, are you concerned about how it looks? As important as your Corvette’s body is, its exterior, wheels, paint, and more, the truth is that, when you and/or someone else are in your Corvette, you’re going to spend a lot of time facing the dash cluster. We can help with your Corvette dash cluster in a variety of ways. 

Restoration: Function and Aesthetics 

If you’re as much of a classic Corvette aficionado as we are, then it’s not enough for your dash cluster to look great, it has to be fully functional, too. By that same token, the reverse is true, too: if it works great but doesn’t look its best, improvements must be made. We don’t believe you should ever have to compromise beauty for function. To that end, we don’t overlook any of the details of a dash cluster restoration. We make sure it works as great as it looks. 

What Instrument Cluster Restoration Includes 

Our goal is always to offer not just the best services to our customers but the most comprehensive services at the best prices. Case in point, our 1963-1967 C2 Corvette Instrument Clusters. With these, you’ll get the complete disassembly, we repaint the housing inside and out, cleaning it thoroughly. Along the way, we repaint the pointers (if necessary) and overhaul the speedometer as well as the tachometer completely. All of this is reassembled with exacting detail as if we were putting them into our own Corvettes. Once that’s done, we test and calibrate the small gauges too, all before sending them back to you. 

Additional Services Available for Your Best Classic Corvette 

We know how important your Corvette is to you, as we’re owners ourselves. To that end, we try to reuse as many of the original parts as possible. Only if it’s absolutely 100% necessary for them to be replaced do we do so. If you require it, we replace the odometer, we can restore the headlight motor switch, we can re-face the speed warning speedometer, we can remove the ignition cylinder (if the key is not provided), restore the original ignition and windshield wiper switches, and many other services for a fee. We see this all as more ways that we can serve our clients. 

Services Done Onsite and More 

It’s possible that you came to our site and this blog because you’re looking at different companies to find the best options for repairing/restoring your Corvette parts. One thing we can tell you is that we don’t “farm any of this out” or anything of that nature. Instead, we do it all onsite, “in-house,” right here. That way, we’re always in control, and our experts are always providing the caliber of high-quality Corvette work that we’re proud of. To see what we offer and how we can help you and your Corvette, check out our site or call. 

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