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Corvette Dash Cluster Parts and More to Get the Most Flash from Your Dash

Corvette Dash Cluster

Have the lights on your dash begun to malfunction? Does it seem like there’s something wrong with your Corvette dash cluster? No, the dash cluster is most likely not the first thing a person would notice about a classic Corvette. But, if you’re a Corvette owner like many of us here at CS of MD West, you notice just about everything about a Corvette. We offer reproduction, restoration, and NOS parts so that all of your Corvette is exactly what you want it to be. 

Parts for Your Dash Cluster

We don’t believe that there’s any part that’s too “small” for your Corvette. Instead, we believe that every part is important, all working in tandem to restore your Corvette. An example of this: we currently offer a reproduction set of three new “Dash Cluster Filter Tube Rubber Seals.” These are to be installed on cardboard tubes in the upper center of the 1964, 65, 66, and 67 Corvette instrument cluster. 

Of their many jobs, they keep the indicator bulb light from leaking into the cluster and help it focus. As you may know from your seals, over time, they can crack, become deformed, or even lost. 

Getting the Dash Details Right 

We wouldn’t offer reproduction Corvette parts if they were, in any visible way, noticeably different from the originals. Our goal is always to offer the best reproduction parts that are created with the finest attention to detail. An example of this is our new reproduction 1958 dash inserts for Corvettes. 

Yes, we made them ready to install so that they can help your Corvette quickly. But, we also made them to seem exactly like the originals, so much so that they have the all-white lettering which was exclusive to 1958 as you may remember. The black lettering, if you’re wondering, didn’t come around until 1959. 

Everything for Your Dash 

When we say we make them as much like the originals as possible, that isn’t limited to the exterior. For example, we currently offer a pair of 1960-1962 Corvette dash end caps. These can be painted to match your Corvette’s aesthetic and style. In fact, to make them not just ready to be painted but durable as well, we created them from stamped steel just as the originals were. It’s one more way to make our reproduction parts a better fit for your Corvette. 

Catalog of Corvette Parts 

Your dash is a very important area of your classic Corvette, yet, it’s still just one area of your Corvette. Here at CS of MD West, we offer a wide range of classic Corvette parts so that you can find just about everything you’ll need for your classic Corvette. Whether it’s side exhaust pipes, a new tachometer, a restoration speedometer, or so much more, we may be able to help you. 


To see our complete catalog or to speak to a professional, you can go through our online catalog or call. 

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