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Corvette Glove Box Door Restoration

Corvette Glove Box Door Restoration

The 1964-1967 Corvette glove box door showcased a beautiful brushed aluminum insert. A miniature “Corvette” emblem was attached in the lower right corner.

There are 2 versions, 1964-1965, and 1966-1967. The difference is the emblems. The emblem matched the design of the rear deck emblem. Through the years, dents and scratches in the aluminum and wear or scuffs in the black paint can really take their toll! Let Corvette Specialties of MD West restore your door to like new condition, while maintaining that same appearance on the back as new.


1963 C2 Corvette Glove Box Door Restoration

Sorry, we cannot restore 1963 Glove Box Doors.


1964-1965 & 1966-1967 C2 Corvette Glove Box Door Restoration

restored 64-65 Glove Box Door

Closeup of a restored 64-65 Glove Box Door

  • $189.00 Base Labor. All parts and additional labor extra; see below.
    • Includes full disassembly of your glove box door, install a new, correct, brushed insert, repaint front and back as original.
    • Original riveted appearance on the back of door is retained.
    • +$53.00 New emblem – Recommended.
    • +$20.00 Hinge stripped and painted.
    • +$4.00 Decal (applies to 66 and 67)
  • Please note: we cannot re-chrome your door.
  • Typical completed cost – $245.00-$250.00
  • We can restore your entire glove box assembly! Send us the entire door and box assembly and we will restore and repaint for an additional $120.00 labor plus parts (including liner, screws, bumpers, etc.)
    • Typical completed cost – $400.00-$450.00
  • Turn-around times vary based on our current work in-house. Contact us for more information.
  • Ready to send your parts for restoration? Please be sure to include a copy of our Restoration Order Form!
  • Check out our Packing & Shipping Tips to give your parts the best chance of reaching us safely!

1966-1967 Corvette Restored Glove Box Door




Restored Corvette glove box doorCorvette glove box door


Corvette glove box door restoration


Restored 1966-1967 Corvette glove box door

Restored Corvette Glove Box




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