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Corvette Grille Teeth to Put the Bite Back in Your Corvette

Corvette Grille Teeth

Is it getting more and more difficult to find the right grille teeth for your Corvette? Does it seem like every time you search online for Corvette grille teeth you find either a broken down version of the original grille teeth or an inferior reproduction? The truth is that there are classic Corvette parts and then there are grille teeth. These are among the most “classic” of the classic Corvette designs, going back to the 50s in many cases. At our site, you can find the grille teeth, the grille teeth assembly, and more to make your grille teeth gleam as brightly as they ever did (if not brighter). 

The Corvette Grille Teeth Assembly You Want – Stretched 

At CS of MD West, when our customers ask for something, we listen. For so long, folks kept asking us about Grille Teeth, and we’re finally able to offer them. We sell the nine and the thirteen tooth versions, alongside other teeth versions as well. We see this as one more way that we can help; Corvette owners like you. So, you don’t have to worry about buying extra teeth, another bar, or having to do your own fabricating or anything of that nature – you can just get them from us, sold assembled and ready for installation. 

Grille Teeth for More Than Just Corvettes 

While we take great pride in being “Corvette Specialties of MD West,” we’re more than happy to offer parts that look and work as great on Corvettes as they do on other vehicles. Another example of this: our 1953 through 1957 Corvette grille assembly. They’ll fit the bill for your Corvette, but they’re also a perfect fit for a 51-54 Chevys (and even a 55 Chevy) as well as Merc’s and more. As we’re always looking for ways to keep the price down, we can tell you that this will set you back far less than a De Soto grille might. 

Reproduction Grille Teeth A La Carte and More 

You might have read the above and thought: “hey, that sounds great, but I don’t need all that many grille teeth.” We hear you. That’s why we offer individual grille teeth as well. That said, remember, when you’re buying a 1953-1960 Corvette Grille tooth stud, keep in mind that every grille tooth requires two studs. Every stud you buy from us, of course, will include a nut as well as a lock washer. 

Beyond Grille Teeth for Your Corvette 

Yes, we’re quite proud of the grille teeth solutions we provide for Corvettes. That said, we understand how there are plenty of classic Corvettes from the time after grille teeth, too. To that end, you can find restoration, reproduction, NOS parts and more for C1, C2, and C3 Corvettes at our site. For more information about our corvette parts and accessories, please contact us today.


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