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Corvette Headlight Motor Repair

We are experts in Corvette Headlight Motor Repair. We can rebuild and restore these dated components and return your original motor!

Corvette headlight motors seemed to be doomed from the start. They were built with a soft-cast main drive gear and an armature exposed to the elements. The armature extends out from the main case with a small thumb-wheel mounted on the end so, in case they failed to operate, you could reach in and open your headlight by turning the wheel! However, problems developed soon after introduction when corrosion would build up on the armature and bushing and would eventually cause the motor to seize. Thankfully we can restore your motors! Corvette Specialties of MD West performs all of the rebuilds right in our shop, and you will receive your same original motor when complete. We do not exchange your motor for another part! Corvette Specialties of MD West: your “Restoration Leader” for over 46 years!


Corvette Headlight Motor Repair 1963-1967

1963-1967 Corvette passenger side headlight motor

  • $135.00 Base Labor, each
    • Includes complete rebuild and restoration
    • Includes new main drive gear
    • All additional parts and repairs extra. We will contact with cost if needed.
      • Examples: cage/bushing repair, field repair, socket replacement, etc.
      • Unfortunately we often run into problems on the 50+ year old motors.
      • Most problems are the result of poor workmanship during prior repairs.
    • Planning to have your Corvette judged? We have a very limited supply of restored original ground bolts and washers that are unique to this application and have a specific head marking. Please make a note on your Restoration Order Form if you would like to have them installed for an additional charge. If not specifically requested, we will install reproduction
      bolts and washers with correct dimensions, but not correct for judging.
  • Please note we do not repair or restore reproduction headlight motors.
  • Turn-around times vary based on our current work in-house. Contact us for more information.
  • Ready to send your parts for restoration? Please be sure to include a copy of our Restoration Order Form!
  • Check out our Packing & Shipping Tips to give your parts the best chance of reaching us safely!


headlight motor ground bolts

Restored C2 Corvette headlight motors Restored 1964 Corvette headlight motors










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