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Corvette Hubcaps and Everything You Need to Make Your Hubcaps Better

Corvette Hubcaps

Have your classic Corvette hubcaps seen better days? Do you lack the right spinners or other parts of your hubcaps? We know how difficult it can be to find the exact right, perfect part for your Corvette. We also know how difficult it can be to settle for anything less than the perfect part. So, we do everything we can to make sure that you don’t have to. As of this writing, we have plenty of hubcaps, spinners, and more for all kinds of classic Corvettes. 

1959-1962 Corvette Hubcaps With (and Without) Spinners 

We recently got in plenty of new reproduction hubcaps as well as wheel covers for 1959, 1960, 61, and 62 Corvettes. Should you buy them in a set, you’ll get four hubcaps, four retainer rings (with the hardware) and four spinners (should you go with the spinners option). Now, these Licensed GM Restoration Parts have everything that judges are looking for. How precisely have they been crafted? They even have that oh-so-important bright ice blue finish. These are a complement to any of those Corvettes, with or without the spinners. 

The Parts and Hardware You’ll Need for Your Hubcaps 

If you’re like so many of us, one of your great joys in life is working on your Corvette by hand. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with letting the pros do it, but being able to restore your own Corvette on your own terms is a great joy. To facilitate that, we offer 1956-1962 hubcap spinner retainers as well as hardware. With this pack, you’ll get four stainless retaining rings as well as sixteen perfectly correct screws. With those, you’ll be able to mount spinners to hubcaps/wheel covers that much easier and more accurately. 

Replacing the Spinners? You’ll Need Spinner Spaces 

If you have a 1966 Corvette and want to replace the spinners, then you very well may need this part. The chrome spinner spaces we offer are unique to the hubcaps for the 1966 Corvette. If you’re replacing the spinners, this isn’t a “want to” have part, it’s a “must have.” We see this as one more way to provide all kinds of Corvette owners with the parts they’ll need. Perhaps there aren’t all that many Corvette owners who may need this part, but, the Corvette owners who need this part will absolutely need it. As ever, our goal is to be able to help as many classic Corvette owners as possible to find the right part. 

Beyond Hubcaps 

Hubcaps certainly make up some of our most popular parts. However, they’re a small part of what we offer here at CS of MD West. Essentially, if there’s a kind of part you need for your classic Corvette, you can find it here: either in NOS, reproduction, or restoration form. We can fix many parts too, right here on our premises. To see our wares, check out our site, or to speak to a pro, call us at (800) 638-6450. 

We are also excited to announce that our 1965 Hubcaps Set will be back in stock on November 8th!

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