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Corvette Parts and Accessories Back in Stock

Corvette Parts and Accessories

Have you been looking for Corvette bumperettes and some of our other Corvette parts and accessories that haven’t recently been in stock? If so, the wait is over. As we’re always looking for ways to offer Corvette owners the parts they need, we do everything in our power to offer the highest quality parts at all times. Recently, back in stock from long backorders, among other parts, are our 1958-1962 Front License Bumperettes and 1961-1962 Grille Bar. At the risk of understatement, they were worth the wait. 

Bumperettes in Never Before Reproduced Detail 

Before we offered these bumperettes, they were completely retooled. Our goal with these parts, as with all of our parts, is to reproduce them in the most exact detail. To that end, we placed the correct spot welds on the lower bracket. Moreover, we constructed them in one piece with the correct curve on the front, too. These have been reproduced so exactingly, that you can use these if you’re building an NCRS or Bloomington-judged car. These parts have the detail that the judges are looking for. 

“Very High Quality Reproductions” 

Those are the words we use on our site to describe the 1961-1962 Corvette Front License Bumper Assembly with Supports that we offer. This package includes a pair of vertical Bumpertetes, but it also includes a chrome License Bracket, lower License Bar, and even a pair of supports bolting the assembly to the frame. As our goal is to do everything we can to enhance the Corvette owner’s experience, we’ve also included a hardware kit that contains bolts, spacers, and more, all with the correct head markings, thus making installation as easy as possible. 

Center Grille Bar That’s Good to Go 

For our reproduction parts, we aim to make a part that is as much like the original as possible, all while made from the best in modern materials and methods. A good example of this is the 1961-1962 Corvette Center Grille bar. A new reproduction part, it has chrome-plated stamped steel, just like the original. Moreover, it has a center V-notch, just like the original, too. Finding these original parts is harder than ever as the originals are more than half a century old at this point. Our reproductions can help to restore your classic Corvette to the glory you remember. 

Deep Catalog of Corvette Parts and Accessories 

Speaking of the word “restore,” that’s one more service that we offer. Sometimes, the very best part of your classic Corvette isn’t a reproduction one nor is it an NOS part, but rather, it’s a part that’s already in your Corvette. To that end, we offer restoration services for many Corvette parts as well. Unlike many other places, we don’t farm these restorations out to another party. Instead, we do all of the work, right here, in our shop, so that we can give each part the attention and care it deserves – the same attention and care we give to the parts in our Corvettes. To see all that we offer, head to our site or call. 

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