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Corvette Parts and Accessories to Get the Most From Your C2 Corvette

C2 Corvette Parts

Do you want the right Corvette parts and accessories for your C2 Corvette? Are you worried about “settling” for a part that may not have been originally created for C2 Corvettes? We don’t believe you should ever have to do that. Here at CS of MD West, we offer Corvette parts for Corvette owners. That means we offer the highest quality C2 Corvette parts and accessories for a wide range of classic C2 Corvettes. 

NOS Parts 

“New Old Stock” parts are exactly that: parts that were made “back in the day” for classic Corvettes but have never been used. Even today we’re able to find high-quality NOS parts to offer to our customers. 

For example, we currently have a NOS 1963 Corvette 340 HP Oil Tube. This is as “brand new” as it gets, considering it’s still in the original box. 

We’re proud to offer many Corvette parts that can be used for a variety of Corvette models and years. This part isn’t one of them. This is just for 1963 Corvettes. We also take pride in offering the kinds of specific, not easy-to-find parts that Corvette owners want. 

Reproduction Parts for Your Parts are “Just Plain Tired” 

There are many reasons to get new parts for your classic Corvette. Sometimes, the original parts break down, they stop working, or, in some cases, they’re just “plain tired.” You know when that is and when that time comes, the odds are good you’ll be able to find the parts that you need right here. 

When your non-transistor ignition coil has become “just plain tired,” we can help. Currently, we offer a reproduction Delco Remy Non-Transistor Ignition Coil. If your coil has become tired out after several years of faithful service, this part can step in. 

The Details That Matter

The truth is, to us, all Corvette details matter. You shouldn’t have to settle when it comes to any aspect of classic Corvette parts. If you’re going to get a reproduction part, for example, it should look exactly as the originals did, yes. But, it should also be made out of modern materials and modern practices. That way, you can enjoy it for a long time to come. 

On the subject of the Delco Remy Non-Transistor Ignition Coil, this part has the raised lettering on the case as well as the Delco Remy logo on the top – just as the originals did. No one will know it’s a reproduction. They won’t be able to tell that from the way it looks nor how your classic Corvette performs. 

Classic Corvette Parts and Accessories 

What’s mentioned above are just some of the C2 parts that we offer. The truth is that we have parts for C3 as well as C1 Corvettes. Reproduction, restoration, NOS – you can find it all right here. 

Even if you don’t see the part you’re looking for on our site right now, we’re always getting new Corvette parts and accessories in. Of course, we’re always glad to talk to Corvette owners to see how we can help. To learn more, go through our site or give us a call. 

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