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Corvette Restoration Parts and Repair: Headlight Motors for the Road Ahead

Corvette Restoration Parts

Have your Corvette’s headlight motors started to wear down? Did they stop working at all whatsoever? The truth is that, as well-constructed as so many Corvette parts were, the headlight motors were always “behind the eight ball,” so to speak. The armature was perpetually exposed to the elements and the main drive gear was built with a so-called “soft cast.” Between wear, tear, corrosion, and so much else that can happen over the last sixty years, many of these don’t work as they should. We offer Corvette restoration parts and repair for your headlights as well as many other parts of your Corvette. 

The Corvette Headlight Motors We Offer 

As of this writing, we offer Corvette headlight motors from the years 1963-1967. For just $135, you’ll get a complete rebuild as well as cosmetic restoration of your motors. Thus, they’ll look and operate exactly as you would like. Of course, this includes a new main drive gear as well. We’ve found that, so often, the problems with these headlight motors aren’t necessarily just wear and tear, but poor craftsmanship from prior repairs over the years takes a significant toll. Please note, some motors will require extra parts, and or labor added to the base rebuild price. Rarely, some motors will not be rebuildable. 

Judging Options Available 

We support Corvette owners of all kinds. So many of us love our Corvettes to ride, to stay in the garage, to use how and when we’d like. That said, we have plenty of long-time customers who come to us for the Corvette parts and restoration that allow them to not just compete in judged competitions but to have a real shot at winning. Thus, if you’re planning on having your Corvette judged and want our headlight motors, be sure to mention that on your restoration order form. We can utilize our limited restored original ground bolts and washers, so as to give your Corvette its best chance. 

More Corvette Restoration Parts Than Just Headlight Motors 

Our headlight motors are one of our most popular purchases, but they’re far from all that we offer. We offer repair and restoration for just about any Corvette part that you might potentially need. From the headlights to the speedometers, tachometers to your glove box, and dash clusters to climate control units, we’re committed to helping your Corvette to be what you want it to be. We’ve been doing this for more than 45 years, and in that time, we’ve learned more than a thing or two. Now, we can put that to work for your Corvette. 

Always More Corvette Parts Coming In 

While we restore and repair Corvettes ourselves, we’re always in the business of bringing in new parts. Indeed, if you check our site for any length of time, you’ll notice that we’re always getting in new NOS parts and the like. Indeed, if you have any 1955-1967 windshield wiper motors and 1953-1968 speedometers, we’d love to pay good money for those. To see all the corvette parts and accessories we offer as well as what we’re looking for, head to our site or call us at (800) 638-6450. 

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