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Corvette Restoration Parts Beyond the Norm to Restore All of Your Corvette

Corvette Restoration Parts

Have you noticed that some parts of your classic Corvette don’t work as well as they used to? Does it seem as if it’s impossible to find NOS or reproduction parts that you like? That’s perfectly understandable. That’s just one of the reasons that we offer restorations as well as Corvette restoration parts. We can restore many different parts of your Corvette. While we’re experts at restoring tachometers and speedometers, we can also restore other elements of your Corvette just as well. 

Shift Console Restoration 

If you have a Corvette from the years of 1964-1967 or 1968-1976, we can restore your shift console to what you want it to be. We can clean it, repaint it, and get it back to you quickly, etc. Essentially, the only thing we can’t do is to re-chrome the console. That said, if you need a new shifter surround, we can do that, too. To us, the details are always paramount. So, if you have a 1968 shift console, we’ll include the new emblem, too. 

Instrumental Instrument Clusters 

For Corvettes from 1963-1967 as well as those from 1968-1976, we can restore your instrument clusters. Our goal, always, is to reuse as many of the original parts as possible. Only if absolutely necessary do we replace any parts. Indeed, we always want to include as much as possible in these packages. Case in point, for C2 Corvette clusters from 1963-1967, these packages include complete disassembly, housing repainting inside and out, a total overhaul of the speedometer as well as the tachometer, small gauge calibration, cleaning, testing, expert reassembly, and more. Additionally, we can help even if you use custom gauges, as we can take care of restoring your dash cluster housing. 

Restoration for Even Your Glove Box Door 

When a passenger you want to impress sits down in your Corvette, sure, they’re going to notice the wheels, the paint job, the sleekness of your vehicle – but for most of the ride, they’re going to be facing the glove box. To make (and maintain) a great impression, we offer glove box door restoration services for certain C2 Corvette years. For the most part, these services include full disassembly of your glove box door as well as installation of a new, correct, and brushed insert in addition to proper repainting on the front and back. 

More Ways to Restore Your Corvette Than Just Corvette Restoration Parts 

Those are just some of the restoration services that we offer. In this blog, we didn’t even get a chance to touch on the wiper motors, the headlight motors, the wiper switch plates, dash inserts, and more. To see all of our restoration services, we encourage you to head to our site. Beyond that, if there are individual parts that you’re looking for to restore your Corvette, you can find NOS, reproduction and restoration parts at our site as well. Give us a call, too, if you’d like to talk to a Corvette expert today.

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