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Corvette Restoration Parts Even for the Most Unpopular Models

Finding Corvette restoration parts can sometimes be a big task, especially if you have a model that no one is buying nor making anymore. That’s because if there’s a scarce market for the part, there won’t be as many available. If you are into restoring old Corvettes and are wondering which models are hard to find parts for, you’re in the right place. The models listed here didn’t gain in popularity like some others and finding parts for them might be more difficult. 

1987 Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette

While it was a fast car for its time, the 1987 Callaway never really took off. That’s because the extra power caused the engine to blow so buyers stayed away from the model. The performance option may be something to stay away from so it’s easier to find the parts you need. 

1995 Corvette Pace Car

It was mainly the strange color of this car that kept it from becoming a popular Corvette model. Coupled with the odd shape, this one is hard to find parts for because only 527 ever rolled off the manufacturer line.

1988 Corvette Commemorative Edition

While collectors still seek out this model, it’s not the most popular. The style changes make it look different than other Corvettes and the all-white theme is something that many buyers shy away from.

1998 Corvette Pace Car

Here’s another pace car that never gained in popularity so finding parts for it might be hard. The bright purple color and neon wheels and accents made it too conspicuous and most buyers weren’t interested in standing out with the colors. 

1984 Corvette C4

With more performance than the C3, this model should have been more exciting than it is. The design makes it difficult to maneuver into and out of the car and it makes more noise than most drivers are comfortable with.

1958 Corvette

It has a unique style, but buyers don’t like the heavy chrome detailing featured on the 1958 Corvette. Finding parts for this one might be hard as the style only lasted for a short time before Corvette laid off the chrome. 

1980 California 305 Corvette

To get around the emission requirement in California, Corvette created this V-8, three speed transmission model. But the performance could only put out a paltry 180 horsepower and this model flopped.

1979 L48 Corvette

Like the one listed above, despite having a powerful engine, this model couldn’t put out the necessary horsepower to make it worth it. While over 50,000 were sold, it’s not a favorite among enthusiasts, so finding parts can be hard. 

1953 Corvette

This might be one of the originals, but back in 1953, Corvette didn’t have the manpower or financial backing they have today. This model was constructed in a garage and skimped on the quality that Corvette collectors expect today. 

1975 Corvette Base Model

The main reason this model flopped is because it’s slow. The Chevy Malibu from the same year could outpace it. Without the big block engine of yesteryear, this model simply didn’t make the cut. No matter what model you have, even one of those on this list, CS of MD West is here to help you find the Corvette restoration parts you need. Call us today and we’ll assist you in the hunt for the pieces you are looking for.

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