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Corvette Restoration Parts: for the Rebirth of Your Corvette

Corvette Restoration Parts

Does it feel like your Corvette is lacking that certain something? Are you tired of looking for parts online yet nothing is up to the level of your Corvette? We can provide a solution: Corvette restoration parts. Our restoration parts are designed to be exactly right for your Corvette. In many cases, that means that they’re built from the original blueprints. But, beyond that, they’re also made of cutting-edge, stronger, more durable materials. We offer a wide range of restoration parts (and are always offering more). 

Corvette Restoration Parts (Restored Right) 

As of this writing, we’re offering a restored 1964 Corvette original clock. You’ll note the word “original.” Yes, this was a clock that was in a 1964 Corvette. We restored it to have the standard mechanical movement that you would expect from this clock. Thus, it’s 100% correct for judging. So, whether you’re taking it on the road or on the dais, it’s ready to go. So, ready, in fact, that we ship it to you ready to install. We believe in it enough that we include a one-year warranty as well. 

The Smallest Parts Restored to the Smallest Detail 

When it comes to the true Corvette aficionados, there’s no such thing as a “small part.” Indeed, every part in your Corvette is important. To that end, we also restore headlight motors as well. To do so, we include our new reproduction 1963-1967 Corvette headlight motor main drive gears (where appropriate). In fact, you can just buy the motor gear a la carte if need be. We see it as one more way that we can help Corvette owners to have the parts they need. 

Parts to Set Your Corvette Apart 

Not all restoration parts are parts that help your Corvette to run better. With something like a Corvette, where the aesthetic, where the feel is so important to the overall experience of the car, how it looks can be, in many ways, as important as how it rides. To that end, we offer restoration parts such as the 1965-1966 Corvette Hubcap Spinner Insert – Black Upper Flag Square. A licensed GM restoration part, this can be the right fit for your Corvette. If, however, it isn’t, odds are that we offer something that can. 

More Than Just Restoration Parts 

Indeed, at our site, you’ll find restoration parts that can do wonders for your Corvette. Of course, we aren’t “Corvette Restoration Specialties of MD West.” We offer so much more than just restoration parts. You can also find so many NOS and reproduction parts here as well. As we’re always getting new Corvette parts and accessories in, we encourage you to check out our catalog often. To see everything that we offer, head to our site. To speak to one of our pros, call (800) 638-6450. 

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