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Corvette Restoration Parts for the Revival of Your Vehicle

Corvette Restoration Parts

Has your Corvette lost some of its luster? Does it not operate perhaps as well as it once did? Have you been looking for parts that can make your Corvette what it used to be? We can help. Here at CS of MD West, we have many different ways of reviving Corvettes, renewing them, and making them as great as they ever were, if not better. One way: through our Corvette restoration parts.

Proven Effective Corvette Restoration Parts 

When we offer restoration parts, we do more than just sell the part. We understand that, when it comes to finding Corvette parts and accessories online, you have many options. So, we always aim to offer more than what you can find elsewhere. 

One example of this currently on our site: our 1964 Corvette Restored Original Clock. It has the standard mechanical movement, so, thus, it’s correct not just for your classic Corvette but for judging as well. That said, we don’t take your order, throw a clock in a box, and send it to you. 

Once you’ve ordered from us, we test your order for up to 48 hours so as to ensure its accuracy. When we do send it to you, it comes both ready to install and with a 1-year service warranty. We feel that’s what classic Corvette owners deserve. 

Restoration Parts that Get the Details Right 

As classic Corvette owners ourselves, we understand how frustrating it can be to see Corvette parts that have small imperfections, and tiny incorrect details. Maybe others won’t notice. Perhaps they’ll have no idea. But you do. You notice. Here at CS of MD West, we offer Corvette parts that get all of the details right. 

Case in point: we offer restored original speedometers for Corvettes from the late 50s and early 60s. Depending on which is right for you, we offer them with white graphics on the face behind the lens as well as pale green graphics on the face behind the lens. By getting these details right we’re able to offer a higher caliber of parts. 

“Show Quality Restoration” 

That’s the only way to describe multiple parts at our site, including the 1956 Corvette Restored Original Wiper Motor. This is right for many 1956 Corvettes, except for very early production parts. We restored them ourselves, right in our shop. 

When we say “restored,” in this context, we mean that we completely rebuilt the wiper motor and made certain it was correct for judging (on account of the re-plated cadmium components and others). 

Many Ways That We Can Help Your Classic Corvette 

It’s entirely possible that, by the time you read this and come to our site, you’ll find that many of the parts have been marked “out of stock.” If that’s the case, it doesn’t mean that you’re out of luck. We encourage you to contact us, as we very well may be able to build a unit from the parts that we have on hand. To see how we can help, click on our site or call. 


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