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Corvette Restoration Parts: One More Way We Can Help Restore Your Corvette

corvette restoration parts

Have you been looking for parts for your classic Corvette that aren’t worn down? When you see the classic Corvette parts available, do they all seem too “classic?” That’s certainly a valid concern. Many of these parts are half a century old (at least). These are just some of the reasons that we offer Corvette restoration parts (among others). Here at CS of MD West, we offer the caliber of restoration parts that can truly restore your Corvette to what you want it to be. 

Direct Replacement Parts Done Right 

That’s what our NOS 1963 Corvette Battery or Amp Gauge is: a part that can be a direct replacement for the temperature gauge you have in your Corvette currently. To be clear, this is a new reproduction. That means that we used the original blueprints and our own tooling to make these parts.

In comparison to the originals, they’re built out of new materials. So, they can last that much longer. That said, they have the same font as well as the coloring as the originals. No one will be able to tell the difference – not in terms of looks or performance. 

Indeed, the latter is assured as we test each reproduction gauge for accuracy before we offer them. That way, you’re getting the right part. 

“No Point Deductions” 

Those words describe our 1965 Corvette Hubcaps/Wheel Covers. Currently, you can buy a set of four new reproduction hubcaps/wheel covers for 1965 15-inch Corvette wheels. NCRS judging will not deduct points for these, which should give you some idea of just how meticulously we crafted them to match the originals. 

To make sure these were as correct as possible for ‘65 Corvettes, we invested in brand new tooling to make sure that these hubcaps complemented your Corvette in exactly the right way. Sure, knock offs may look all right to the untrained eye, but when it comes to perfection and performance, these are hard to beat. 

Reproductions for That Which is Missing or Damaged

There’s no part too “small” to receive a proper reproduction. Case in point: our 1958-1962 Corvette Small Gauge Housing for Fuel/Temp. These gauges are a great replacement for housing that may have been damaged in the last half century or gone missing. We also offer these for Battery/Oil, too. 

Corvette Restoration Parts for the Road Ahead 

Our restoration parts can help to restore your Corvette’s glory, to make it what you want to be. In addition to the restoration parts we offer, we very well may also be able to restore your parts as well. 

Beyond restoration parts, we also have NOS parts, too. These aren’t like the original parts, they are the original parts – they’ve just never been installed in a Corvette. Indeed, many of them are in the original packaging. 

To see all of the ways that we can help your classic Corvette, check out our site or give us a call. 

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