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Corvette Restoration Parts: Parts to Restore Your Corvette

Corvette Restoration Parts

Has it been a struggle to find the right parts for your classic Corvette? Do most NOS or reproduction parts leave you cold? Sometimes the absolute best parts for your Corvette are those that have been in a Corvette previously, which have been restored by experienced professionals. We have an extensive list of Corvette restoration parts available here at CS of MD West. Of course, if you would like us to restore your parts, it’s worth reaching out to see how we can assist you. 

Restoration Tachometers 

If you have a Corvette tachometer from between the years of 1953-1974 and your tachometer has never been rebuilt, you don’t have to wonder if it should be. The truth is that it does. Even the best grease from that era, by now, has dried up, becoming a harmful substance akin to wax. A tachometer, like any gauge, needs to be calibrated to make sure that it’s accurate. Those are just some of the problems that we can fix for your tachometer. Not only do we stock the parts used in these tachometers, but we’ve reproduced many of them ourselves. 

Restored Speedometers 

For those of us who have had classic Corvettes since before they were “classic,” it can be hard to realize that many of these vehicles (as well as their parts, like their speedometers) are 50, 60, or even 70 years old. Regardless of what the mileage readers, they need to be rebuilt. Parts such as the magnet/”first worm,” wear down and wear out. Here at CS of MD West, we have all of the necessary special tools and calibration equipment that can not just replace the magnets to ensure peak performance. 

All of the Parts We Can Restore 

Speedometers and tachometers are some of the most common parts that we restore, yes. However, we also restore many, many other parts of your classic Corvette. We may very well be able to restore your headlights motors, your glove box doors, your shift consoles, your wiper switch plates, and plenty of others. For some parts, we can only restore them from certain eras, such as climate control units from 1968-1976 or clocks from 1963-1982, and so forth. If you have a part in your Corvette that you believe could be restored, it’s worth reaching out to us to see if we can help. 

More Than Corvette Restoration Parts 

In some cases, restoration isn’t the best option. Replacement might be better. Or, we may very well have an NOS part that would be the perfect fit. Plenty of our restorations include reproduction parts that we reproduced ourselves. Beyond that, we have an extensive line of reproduction parts, several of which were created with modern materials and methods and from the original blueprints. That way, we’re able to offer you the best of two worlds, so to speak. To see all of the parts that we offer classic Corvette parts and accessories to owners like yourself, check out our catalog or give us a call. 


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