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Corvette Restoration Parts to Restore Almost Any Part of Your Corvette

Corvette Restoration Parts

Have you been looking for Corvette restoration parts but not just any restoration parts? When you search online for restoration parts, does it seem like all you can find are the parts you don’t need for your Corvette? Those are just some of the reasons that we’ve done everything we can to offer the kinds of restorations (and restoration parts) that Corvette owners like yourself might not be able to find elsewhere. We aim to offer restoration options for the entire Corvette. That way, you can truly return your Corvette to its prior glory. 


Glove Box Corvette Restoration Parts 


Sure, when someone passes a Corvette on the street, their first thought is almost never: “wow, look at the glove box!” But, when it’s your Corvette, you know. Moreover, if you’re taking your Corvette to get judged or even looked at by those “in the know,” you want it to look as great as possible. So, that’s why we offer all kinds of Corvette glove box door restoration options. We really can restore your door to a “like new” condition, all while maintaining the same appearance on the back, too. Whether you need a new, correct, brushed insert or you need the entire glove box assembly restored, we can make the interior of your Corvette look how you want. 


Wiper Motor Restoration Services Done in Our Shop 


For almost three decades, we’ve restored Corvette wiper motors. Should you have a wiper motor from a 1955 to 1967 Corvette that isn’t working as you would like, we can restore it. Moreover, we can do so in such a way that it matches the original work. If you look at our site, we’ve cataloged some of the many mistakes that others have made with Corvette wiper motor restorations. Screws instead of  rivets, incorrect main cases, improperly installed actuator metal clips, and more – you put so much into your Corvette, so you deserve to have your restorations done by someone who will do them right. We know how important every part of your Corvette is, from the wiper motor to the car’s motor and everything in between. 


Corvette restoration parts

Corvette Restoration Parts

“Instrument Cluster Restoration and Rebuilding is an Art” 


That’s a quote we have on our Corvette Dash Cluster Restoration page. Sure, there’s a lot of science and technology that goes into a restoration. However, there’s an artistic aspect to it, too: making sure that they look as well as operate just as the originals did. You might ask: “why is it important to have your dash cluster restored? Especially if the gauges and all that are working properly?” An easy way to think about it: when you’re driving your Corvette, and everyone’s looking at it, what are you going to be looking at? Right, the road as well as your dash cluster. We want to make all of your Corvette look and work just as it should. To get these parts or others restored, you can call (800) 638-6450


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