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Corvette Restoration Parts to Restore Your Entire Corvette

corvette restoration parts

The past matters. In addition to all of the NOS and reproduction parts we offer, we also restore Corvette parts, too. For many of us, these parts go back to when we first got our Corvette. Whether it was when you were a teenager or last week (or any other time in between) that’s important. Corvette restoration parts pay tribute to the past by making these parts capable of doing their job in the present. 


Corvette Restoration Parts for Corvette Owners 


If you click on our site, you’ll see that we’ll restore your gauges, clocks, speedometers, tachometers, consoles, glove box doors, wiper motors, headlight motors, and complete clusters, to name some parts. Really, we could’ve saved room if we simply mentioned all of the parts that we won’t restore. The truth is that we can restore so many different parts of your Corvette. If you’ve been searching for someone to restore the small yet important parts of your vehicle, we’ve got you covered. 

corvette restoration parts

Restored by Professionals  


You wouldn’t trust just anyone to be behind the wheel of your Corvette. (If you’re like many of us fellow Corvette owners, you trust very few people to drive your Corvette indeed.) The same goes for having your parts restored, too. We do all of our restoration work in house. It’s done entirely by professionals who have done this before. Using the best tools, the original blueprints (where applicable) as well as decades of Corvette experience, we’re able to restore your Corvette parts to the highest standard possible: our own. Only once these parts are good enough to be installed in our Corvettes do we believe that you should install them in yours. 


In Your Corvette and Ours, Details Matter 


Corvettes look great. They’ll always look great. But, to make one Corvette stand out from another, and to really capture everything that is “Corvette,” the details have to be exactly right. For example, when restoring small Corvette gauges for 1953-1962 Corvettes, a “restoration” price includes more than just the restoration itself. Indeed, we also clean them, test them, and reassemble the gauge when done. For an additional fee, we’ll also repair them, calibrate them, and so much more. If you want the backplates painted, as well as help with the lenses and chrome bezels, we can do that as well. There is no detail too small for our professionals to get right. 


More than Restoration Parts 


Not every “old” part needs to be “restored” to work its best. Indeed, many simply need to be repaired. We can make that determination so that you’re getting everything that you’ve paid for. Moreover, at our site, you’ll find plenty of reproduction parts that might be a better fit than restoration ones. If you’re unsure what’s the right path forward for you and your Corvette, that’s fine. We’re always glad to talk about it. You can shoot us an email or call us at (800) 638-6450 and we’ll figure out the best way to help your Corvette.

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