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Corvette Side Exhaust Covers: Limited Supply, Unlimited Potential

corvette side exhaust covers

Have you been looking for the very best in C2 Corvette parts but everything comes up a bit short? Does it seem like none of the Corvette side exhaust covers on the market are good enough for your Corvette? If you feel that way, you aren’t alone. Indeed, these have been some of the more difficult parts to acquire (to say nothing of acquiring them in good condition). Those days are over. Here at CS of MD West, we now offer these covers with and without upper mouldings, so that you can have exactly what you want. 

What Our Package Includes 

We understand how expensive it can be to restore a classic Corvette. To that end, we do everything we can to offer as much as possible to our customers. A great example of that is our package of side exhaust covers with the upper mouldings. With this, you’ll get the two exhaust covers, you’ll get the two upper mouldings, and then, for free, we’ll throw in 14 of the correct, original U-nuts. You’ll also get the mounting hardware kit for free as well. 

What Sets Our Corvette Side Exhaust Covers Apart 

For many, the first thing they notice about our covers is the fiberglass heat shields. Gone is that light grey color that GM used for service and OTC parts. These have the original, correct dark grey. Beyond that, the fibers aren’t that solid color fiberglass, either – they’re visible, through and through. Another factor that stands out: the strong definition throughout the covers. With this new tooling we utilized, we were able to produce bends that don’t have any wrinkles and crisp lines to boot. For one, that means these high quality parts will fit on the car perfectly. 

How We Made These Covers 

To do so, we started at the beginning. Specifically, we obtained a set of the original blueprints. With those, we were able to construct all new tooling for the covers. As you might imagine, this was not a project that we completed overnight (as, indeed, nothing is). No, this took the better part of three years. Through that, we were able to reach our goal, to create products that have none of the gouges or other “tooling marks” that you’ve seen in other similar but lesser parts. 

The Parts for Your Classic Corvette 

Now, we understand that 1965 to 1967 Corvette exhaust covers with and without upper mouldings aren’t going to be the kind of part that every single classic Corvette owner needs. That’s fine. Indeed, we try to offer parts that appeal to as many niche Corvette owners as possible. If you go to our site, you’re liable to find those hard to obtain Corvette parts and accessories, those ones you may have given up on, whether they’re in NOS, restoration, or reproduction form. To see all that we offer, head to our site, or call us at (800) 638-6450.

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